Technology Fix full revision notes

Technology Fix full revision notes 

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts Catholic Upper School
The Technological Fix Notes (Geography)
Technological fix Vs. Attitudinal fix
Technology: The development of knowledge, techniques and systems which can be used to help solve
problems and extend human capabilities.
Problem in the Technological fix Attitudinal fix
world today
HIV/AIDS Heavy investment in curative Education on the subject of Aids,
medicine for HIV/AIDs. Improve about the use of contraception to
hospitals in locations where HIV is a stop the spread of the illness and
common issue such as sub Saharan the common symptoms.
Fossil fuel Increased investment and use of Concentration on energy
shortages renewable energy's such as efficiency, persuading people to
Hydrogen, Wind, Solar and Bio fuel. use less. Choosing public over
private transport.
Water security Hard engineering schemes such as Higher tariffs on water use within
the Three Gorges Damn. Improve business. Tougher sanction on
household appliances to reduce business's that miss use water
water usage. Improvement of such as Coca Cola in India. Stricter
technology within the agriculture and prolonged Pipe bans. Raise
sector such as the drip feed system. awareness of water insecurity in
World wide schemes such as the Life other nations.
Famine Further GM crop development and Increasing global conscience of the
use. Increasing yield will increase the famine that is occurring in Sub
amount of food that even Saharan Africa this can be done by
subsistence farmers can produce. the use of appeal adverts.
Illegal immigration Use of thermal imaging cameras to Identify why people want to leave
catch immigrants from crossing the county, solve the issue. Change
borders. peoples false attitudes about
immigrants, leading to more open
Technological fix: An innovation waiting to be discovered that will solve different problems. A solution or
`cure' to problems such as global warming, HIV or oil shortages through the use of science and
Attitudinal fix: A solution or a `cure' to a problem, which involves changing human behavior though
changing attitudes towards a matter.

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts Catholic Upper School
Access to technology
Access to technology varies in different parts of the world and there is a contrast between those who can
access new technology versus those who are left to suffer from environmental determinism e.g. Haiti and
Bangladesh (the "switched off world"). Countries suffering from environmental determinism are those
that are extremely vulnerable to natural hazards e.g. droughts especially subsistence farmers who simply
don't have the technology e.g. irrigation and fertilizers to reduce risk and vulnerability.…read more

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts Catholic Upper School
Affordability Internet access price as percentage of Gross national Income per Capita
Knowledge Adult literacy rate
Combined primary, secondary and tertiary school enrolment level
Quality Internet bandwidth per capita
Broadband subscribers per 100 inhabitants
Usage Internet per 100 inhabitants
Apart from Canada the top 10 countries according to the digital access index are either Asian or
1. Sweden
2. Denmark
3. Iceland
4. Korean (rep.)
5. Norway
6. Netherlands
7. Hong Kong, China
8. Finland
9.…read more

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts Catholic Upper School
therefore many LDC countries that need the drugs wont be able to afford it. Brazil has started making
illegal, cheaper copies.
An example of how the distribution of technology can show a distinct pattern related to the level of
development is air travel; some regions are very well connected e.g. Europe and USA where as other
regions are peripheral e.g. African LDCs. Air travel requires a lot of infrastructure e.g.…read more

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts Catholic Upper School
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) ­ A slow virus that can have a long incubation period so it can be a
long time before any ill-effects are seen in a patient. HIV is a retrovirus; this means it attaches to the
body's immune system so sufferers are unable to fight infection. HIV is difficult to transmit because it
cannot live outside of the human body for very long.…read more

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts Catholic Upper School
Using ICT to Uses cost effective The scheme The technology was created by
track information systems is already in developers in HICs, it is N/Resources/Publicat
treatments to track HIV levels place and has arguable that local people ions/Collections/ICT4
of HIV in and the treatment links with aid cannot use the data and the D/Pages/default.…read more

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts Catholic Upper School
the virus can ted-breast-milk-be-th
be used e-answer/
Past paper questions on this topic
Using named examples, discuss the extent to which there is a widening technology gap between
the developed and developing world. (15 marks)
Technological leapfrogging
Technological leapfrogging: The adoption of a new technology by a developing economy, without having
to use more basic technology first.
Technological leapfrogging examples...…read more

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts Catholic Upper School
Communication is key in the Internet century, businesses can communicate with costumers around the
world; this is the way that TNCs can be created within Africa. The idea that mobile devices improves
economic growth is confirmed by the London Business School who researched that a 10% growth in
mobile phone usage causes a growth of 0.44% growth in GDP. However there is a number of
disadvantages linked with this type of leapfrogging...…read more

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts Catholic Upper School
Consequences of technological innovation
Kronzbergs first law "Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral"
Technologic Consequences of the technology
Smart Made in China and other developing nations- Child labour occurs within developing
Phones countries as well as a poor minimum wage, and living conditions. This has been in the
(IPhone and news recently with the textile factory collapsing causing over 1000 deaths.…read more

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Kieran Podbury
St Benedicts Catholic Upper School
Refers to farming technology introduced in the 1960s which increased yield by using high yield varieties of
crops such as maize and rice created by selective breeding as well as the use of fertilizers, irrigations and
Negative social impacts-
Loss of traditional farming knowledge and skills leading to a loss of regional culture as well as
types of rice
Many subsistence farmers lost land to large scale farms thus leading to polarisation within a
country.…read more



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