Energy Security Revision

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  • Energy Security
    • Definitions
      • Energy Demand - The need or desire for energy
      • Energy Consumption- The availability and use of energy
      • Energy Security - The extent to which an affordable, reliable and stable energy supply can be achieved.
      • Energy Pathway - The routes along which energy sources move from producer to consumer.
      • Energy Mix - The relative contribution of different energy sources to a country's energy production/consumption
    • Global Energy Uncertainty
      • Scale of global population growth
      • Impact of rising living standards
      • Size of undiscovered oil and gas reserves
      • Discovery of new energy technologies
      • The scale of the possible with to renewable energies
      • Possible contribution of 'unconventional' oil sources
      • Emergent economies' energy demands
    • Case Studies
      • Trans-Siberian Pipeline- Project proposed in 1978 as an export pipeline from Russia to Europe.Constructed in 1982-1984. It runs from Siberia's gas field to Uzhgorod in western Ukraine. Built over 3 mountain ranges and several large rivers. Built above ground to preserve permafrost
      • Oil Extraction in the Niger Delta - Oil TNCs like Shell & Exxon Mobil are exploiting oil there, but old pipelines are being damaged by militias and leaking vast amounts of oil (546m gallons over last 5 decades).
      • Chinese Energy Demand
        • In 2001, China accounted for 10% of world energy demand, 15% in 2007.
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