Energy Security: Gazprom case study

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Gazprom ­ Russia (Geopolitics case study)
Energy (particularly gas) has helped to re-assert Russia's power and influence over former soviet states and given Russia a way to restore its
international position and regain geopolitical importance.
Gazprom is the world's largest gas supply company ­ it controls a third of the world's gas reserves and accounts for 92% of Russia's
gas production.
It provides 25% of the EU's natural gas ­ over 80% of its gas exports to Western Europe cross Ukraine (a transit state).
It is the world's third largest corporation ­ its annual earnings in 2006 were £31.55 billion and it employed 432,000 people.
HOWEVER, critics say that Russia is using the supply of gas as a political weapon:
In January 2006, Ukraine found its gas (supplied by Gazprom) cut off, after Russia decided to quadruple the price and Ukraine's new
pro-Western government refused to pay. In March 2008, Gazprom again cut gas supplies to Ukraine (by 50%) over a dispute that Gazprom
claimed was about debt. However, Ukraine was seeking to join NATO and the EU at the time which angered Russia.


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