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Education Notes Part 3
Education Policy in Britain has changed rapidly through the years. This review shows
the changes in Educational Policy from 1988 Conservative Government to New Labours
Education Reform Act 1988: Conservative Government
6 Main features:
A National Curriculum.
National Tests, for 7, 11 and 14 year olds.
Local management of school budgets.
Opting out (Grant maintained schools).
City technology colleges.
Ofsted- New inspection regime for schools.
A National Curriculum:
Government sanctioned common curriculum for pupils 5-16.
Shifted responsibility from teachers to central Government.
Three Core Subjects and 7 Foundation subjects.
Previously teachers worked out schemes of work they deemed appropriate for
National Tests, for 7, 11 and 14 year olds.
Compulsory SATs introduced.
Results published in league tables- along with GCSE and A-Level results.
Schools now could be compared directly in terms of this exam result data.
Previously pupil progress was tracked by teacher assessments.
Local management of school budgets.
Management responsibility for school budget taken away from Local education
authorities and given to individual schools.
Much greater flexibility and responsibility now on head teachers.
Opting out (Grant maintained schools).
State schools were given the option under the 1988 Education Reform act to
completely opt out of local educational authority control.
If majority of parents voted for such a step a new Grant maintained school had
complete control over budgets and how school was ran.
City technology colleges.
New type of school, set up in inner cities.
CTCs specialised in Technology, the arts, maths and science.

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Education Notes Part 3
CTCs were independent form local educational authority and were intended to be
financed by local industry.
Ofsted- New inspection regime for schools.
Office for Standards in Education was set up.
Rigorous school inspections every 6 yrs.
Named and shamed failing school, placing onto a special measures list.…read more


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