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Why is the patriarchy important to feminist analysis? (2015, 2013,

Patriarchy refers to the domination of men in society. In its strict translation it means rule of the father.

Used to explain the power relationship between men and women Gender, like social class, race or religion,
is a politically…

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Why is the distinction between sex and gender crucial to feminist analysis (2013, 2011

A woman's physical and anatomical makeup suits her to a subordinate and domestic role in society `biology is
destiny'. Linked to Essentialism

Biological differences = natural and unalterable The biological factor that is most frequently…

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Link female emancipation to radical social change Orthodox Marxists: Primary of class politics over sexual
politics. Class exploitation seen as a deeper and more significant process than sexual oppression. Women's
emancipation will be a byproduct of a social revolution in which capitalism is overthrown and replaced by
socialism. `Class…

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Personal is not the political Liberal feminists maintain this distinction as they see this as important for maintaining
the freedom of the individual. Link to Rawls,.. The right and the good.. Camille Paglia attacked the tendency for
feminists to portray women as victims ­ women should take greater responsibility…

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Belief in self determination The nation state is a sovereign political association within which citizenship and
nationality overlap. The nation state embodies the goal of political freedom giving expression to the principle of
national selfdetermination, democracy and self governmental can therefore only operate within a nation state.
Woodrows 14…

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Nations can be defined culturally/ethnically Some nationalists see the state as consisting of a unique group
of people that form a homogeneous society racial characteristics are a useful and obvious way of identifying
them. In general terms however, a race is not necessarily a nation, furthermore nations can contain…

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States and Nations often overlap to form nation states A NationState can be defined as a sovereign
political association within which civic identity and nationality overlap, one nation within a single state.
Nations are complex phenomena that are determined by cultural, political and psychological factors. States
claim to make…

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nationalism should not follow the Western example.

Response to imperialism AntiColonial movements are attracted to socialism for a number of reason.
Socialism embodies values of community and cooperation well established in traditional preindustrial
societies. Socialism provides an analysis of inequality through which the colonial experience can be
understood and…

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Toleration both hold a commitment to toleration MC promotes the core liberal values of tolerance by
tolerating all cultures. In turn, such tolerance promotes civic unity the idea that a more tolerant society will
be a more peaceful and united one as cultures will not feel under attack or…

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Prevent harm and oppression without the structures in place many would trivialise or ignore the cultural identity of
minority groups. Minority rights are therefore a form of checks & balances that makes sure that the state tries to
adhere to its role of working for its citizens as a…


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