Sate VS Private Education with teaching methods


Education unit Ideolgies in Action 

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State VS Private Education
Private Education creates inequality
o Creates barrier avoiding Social Mobility
o Due to connections which could set the pupils in private education up for later like
Creating Elitism
Many argue that these ELITIST people are the `best at what they do'
Elitism: has developed through the development and understanding of the Class System
o Upper class: Elite, when they have children, their children will inherit the parents
Paying for their children to go to Private school allows people to avoid socialising with
children from other classes
o It keeps the powerful and most influential part of society away from the other
parts of society
If people are willing to pay for Private Education, then they should have the `right' to do
Abolishing State Education:
State education being abolished would drive up standards
o Pure competition, if one school did not work then another school would come
along, providing a better service
However not all families have enough money to spend even a £1 a day on their child's
Education is about moving society forward as education provides people with the
knowledge and skills for the work place, which can help bring about Social mobility
Private Education:
No control over how people view the world, as independent schools can set their own
national curriculum
Many argue intelligence is not inherited it comes from the opportunities and the
individuals own experiences
Abolition of the Private Sector:
Socialist idea
All children would attend state school
This would abolish the class system
o Due to children from all Social classes socialising together
Removes barriers
State has a say on all children's education
o National Curriculum

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State would save money as they would not be investing huge amounts into the Private
The best teachers would then go and teach in State schools rather than Private schools
Argument Against:
People should be free to make a choice
Social Engineering (Labour Criticised)
o Discipline in Social Science referring to the efforts to influence particular attitudes
and social behaviours on a large School, this could be done through governments,
media or private groups in order to produce desired characteristics in a target
population…read more

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Progressive and traditional Teaching Methods:
People would just write things down that teachers put on the board Conservative way of
doing things
Progressive (Left):
Introduction of Child focus learning
o Shifts the focus of instruction from the teacher to the student
o More interactive learning
o Stimulates children to become engaged with learning
o Dyslexia people and children with other learning difficulties will benefit from this
o Personalised for the individual
o Brings results up
o Better for girls
o Improves better education standards…read more


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