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State VS Private Education

Private Education creates inequality
o Creates barrier avoiding Social Mobility
o Due to connections which could set the pupils in private education up for later like
Creating Elitism
Many argue that these ELITIST people are the `best at what they do'

Elitism: has developed through the…

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State would save money as they would not be investing huge amounts into the Private
The best teachers would then go and teach in State schools rather than Private schools

Argument Against:

People should be free to make a choice
Social Engineering (Labour Criticised)
o Discipline in Social Science…

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Progressive and traditional Teaching Methods:

People would just write things down that teachers put on the board Conservative way of
doing things

Progressive (Left):

Introduction of Child focus learning
o Shifts the focus of instruction from the teacher to the student
o More interactive learning
o Stimulates children to…


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