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Education Notes Part 2

Intelligence not inherited!

State VS Private Provision:

Having Private provision creates inequality. As families who can afford to send
their children to private schools, create a barrier for the parents who cant.

As the families who can afford to private tuition, they are more likely to…

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Education Notes Part 2

Conservative Government was concerned with standards and parental choice
rather than social justice and equal opportunities.
Marketization and competition was brought in to raise standards.
Brought in the introduction of City technology colleges in 1986. This was due to
the fact that a bog standard comprehensive…

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Education Notes Part 2

This could lead to the government having no control on who attends school and this
could lead to loads of talent been wasted.

Creating a regressive society and returning to the inequality that we had previously.

If you have parts of society with no education, they…

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Education Notes Part 2

Now occupations require a higher level of education.

Left:Education is universal and that everyone should have the same chance to
Everyone should have equal opportunity to have access to higher
education and educational success.
No one should have a head start, so that anyone can…

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Education Notes Part 2

· The Act also brought in GCSEs and compulsory staff training days

This act brought in league tables that brought in standards and marketization ­
allowed everyone the chance to get the same standard of education.

By not having a curriculumthis will allow teachers and school…

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Education Notes Part 2

Skills are taught discretely and are viewed as goals. Skills are related to content and are viewed as

Assessment is normreferenced, external, and Assessment is benchmarked, has many forms, and
graded. is progressoriented.

Success is competitively based, derived from recall Success is determined through application…


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