Key Education Legislation in the UK timeline

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Up to 1870 schooling provided by Church Foundations for the poor or privately for the rich.
Foster Education Act 1870 elementary schools for children 5-12 and created School Boards for the
creation of board schools where the fees of poor children were paid.
Revised Code of 1862 grants distributed to schools on the basis of pupils' success in reading, writing and
arithmetic conducted by Her Majesty's Inspectors (HMI). Teachers rewarded on `payment by results' system.
Balfour Education Act 1902 abolished the Schools Board and handed control of education to Local
Education Authorities (LEA). This created an education system which became known as `a state system,
locally administered'
`Fisher' Education Act 1918 rose school leaving age to 14 and introduced nursery education and medical
inspections for children.
`Butler' Education Act 1944 came at the end of the Second World War and provided free secondary
education for all children 11 to 15. Secondary education was a tripartite system with selective grammar
schools and secondary modern schools. No prescription for teaching or curriculum exceptt that Religious
Education was compulsory.
1965 Labour government attempted to demolish selective secondary sstem with universal comprehensive
systems. This was not done through legislation but by sending Circular 10/65 to Leas. Some Conservative
LEAs simply ignored the request and was a sign of power the local authorities held.
1972 school leaving age raised to 16
1981 Education Act made requirements for children with special needs
1988 Education Act Conservative government began to remove control from LEAs with the National
Curriculum and national testing. The act also introduced local management of schools, designed to
introduce free-market competition.
1992 Education Act Set up OFSTED arrangements for inspections of all schools every 4 years.
1992 Further & Higher Education Act took polytechnics out of local authority control and made them into
1993 Education Act required local authorities and schools to comply with code of practice for special
needs pupils.
1994 Education Act created Teacher Training Agency to regulate and control teacher training.
1997 White Paper, Excellence in Schools education would be at the `heart of government'
1998 introduction of of National Literacy Strategy, Numeracy Strategy & National Childcare Strategy
2000 revising to the curriculum to include Citizenship and two part AS & A2 level system
2002 Education Act Introduced city academies
2004 Higher Education Act introduced variable top-up fees for university students

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Education Act amended regulations for school inspection, giving Welsh Assembly powers to amend
the framework in Wales
2006 Education and Inspections Act more choice for patents and set out statutory admissions procedures
2001 Labour Sure Start Program give from birth education, health and childcare, targeted at socially
deprived areas
2003 Every Child Matters Initiative stimulated by the death of Victoria Climbie brought attention to not just
education, but broader health and social `well-being'.…read more


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