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Roles in sport

  • Not everyone can be a skillful performer
  • IMPORTANT to have a variety of roles so everyone can get involved
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Roles in sport- LEADER

A leader is the chief/boss/head

Leadership roles include as a teacher, team captain, coach or manager

A leader needs to have:

-Good communicational skills

-Good organisational skills




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Roles in sport- OFFICIAL

An official is a bureaucrat or administrator

The oversee or organise physcial activity

Examples of officials include umpires, refereesThey should have:

-Excellent knowledge of rules


-The ability to make decisions quickly, fairly and honestly

-The ability to work under pressure


-The ability to think clearly

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Roles in sport- VOLUNTEER

A volunteer is an unpaid healper with a love for sport

Examples of a volunteer is a first aider

They give their time and enthusiasm for free, for example to help run a club

Thousands help run sport in the UK such as the Olympic games

They usually have a sociable nature and work well with others

This means they are:



-Able to work well with others

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The Participation pyramid

  • This is a triangular modelw ith four stages
  • From the base to the top, they follow the order of- FOUNDATION, PARTICIPATION, PERFORMANCE and ELITE/EXCELLENCE
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The participation pyramid- FOUNDATION

  • This is the largest stage
  • Here, children inparticulary learn/develop their basic skills
  • This could be through a primary school PE lesson
  • This stage becomes a base for personal development and participation
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The participation pyramid- PARTICIPATION

  • Here, people take part more regulary
  • They could do this at school or local club
  • This is done for enjoyment
  • Sports clubs become important at this stage as they make the link to the next stage of development
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The participation pyramid- PERFORMANCE

  • Here, performers concentrate on their sport
  • Performers show commitment
  • Performers take part in regular coaching
  • At this stage, they may represent their county or region
  • Quality coaching is an essential part of player development at this level
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The participation pyramid- ELITE/EXCELLENCE

  • This is the peak of the pyramid
  • Here, there are far fewer people
  • This stage is for those who represent their country
  • Government bodies of sport are responsible for development at this level as players pass from regional to national
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Sports Initiatives

An Inititative- to think of and follow through an idea or plan of action

An example of a national initiative is to improve the health of the nation

There are six priorities/ target areas:

1) Young people

2) Women

3) The disabled

4) People from deprived areas

5) To develop healthier lifestyles

6) Give opportunities for talented performers to excel

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Sports Initiatives

Below are some of the things that sports organisations need to develop across the country to get and keep people involved to help with healthier lifestyles and a healthier nation:

  • Clubs- these allow people to play
  • Facilities- for people to get involved
  • Develop participation skills- this is done by developing officials and leaders as well as volunteering opportunities, which will help lifelong involvement at all levels in different jobs within clubs
  • The use of role models to inspire target groups
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Sport Intitiatives- SPORT ENGLAND

  • START, STAY, SUCCEED- these are initiatives for mass participation, helping performers to move up the performance pyramid and also give opportunities for elite players to improve and perform at top level
  • They require funding and clubs to create and continue these opportunities
  • They have initiatives for all six target groups
  • They run world class programmes, community clubs etc
  • They help to fund National Governing Body Initiatives
  • It is a government agency


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  • Every sport will have a governing body such as All England Netball
  • They are involved with local clubs, county, regional and national level, i.e. they are involved at all levels of the participation pyramid, encouraging mass participation
  • Each National Governing Body aims to increase participation in their sport, developing talent and devivering top success
  • They aim to help clubs within their sport to provide a pathway to livelong sport (it may be as a offical, leader, participant or volunteer)
  • They have specific initiatives, such as club mark (giving recognition to clubs of how well they get different people involved). They also have whole sports plans (providing the structure to include all target groups)
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Sport Initiatives- YOUTH SPORT TRUST

  • This is a charity that aims to build a brighter future for children through sport
  • They aim to get more young people involved in sport so that they can develop healthy active lifestyles
  • They aim to develop leadership and volunteering by involving people in lifelong sports
  • They have specific initiatives such as TOP sport for children, project ability (for the diasbled) and Fit for Girls (for gorls who drop off sport after 16)
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