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Which President was the most important in terms of advancing Civil Rights in the period 1945-1968?

Mykel Parle

The four presidents of the United States between the period 1945-1969 showed interest in gaining
Civil rights or helped progress the movement during their years in office. Even though all four were…

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Despite Eisenhower hindering the progression of Civil Rights, a lot of progress was still made, but the
majority of Civil Rights Achievements in his presidency had limitations. The Brown vs. Board of
Education legal case was settled on 17th May 1954 and was massively significant as it called for

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accomplished during his time in office, mostly due to opposition in congress and other events taking
place during his presidency such as The Bay of Pigs. Kennedy's presidency was symbolic as he
appointed Thurgood Marshall, a leading member of the NAACP, as a judge. However, he also
appointed segregationists as…

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Fitzgerald Kennedy. Not because of our sorrow or sympathy, but because they are right." It is likely
that if Kennedy had not been assassinated, his Civil Rights Act would not have been passed, and
Lyndon Johnson may not have been as determined to pass the Civil Rights bill. Ultimately, Kennedy's…




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