Edexcel British Political History Notes

Factual notes on british political history for edexcel AS history.

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Majorityo f1 46
FPTP­a dvantaget oL abour­L abourg ot3 0,000v otesf or
everys eata ndL iberalsg ot1 87,000f ore verys eat­n otj ust
systemt hough­m anyt raditionalT orys eatsf ellt oL abour­
southeast,m idlands,af ewr ural
Labourb etters uitedt hep ublicm ood­z eitgeist­s eena s
betterf orp ost-warr econstructiona ndw erem oree nthusiastic
abouta ctingo nt heB everidgeR eport­m anyL abf iguresh ad
alreadyg ainedp ublict rusti nC hurchill'sw artimeC abinet
likeA ttlee,D altona ndB evin-C onsa ssociatedw ith3 0s
depressiona ndt hef ailuret od elivera" landf itf orh eroes"
afterW W1
Consf ailedt os eizet hep ublicm ood­C hurchill'ss peeches
usedf loweryl anguagea ndh et houghth isw artimes uccess
couldb ringh imt hrough­h es eriouslym isjudgedw henh es aid
thatL abp oliciesw ouldn eeda" Gestapo"t oe nforce
Consw ered isorganised­2 46p artya gentsh ada bandoned
constituencyd utiest of ighta ndu nlikeL ab,C onsh adn ot
heldp artyc onferencesi nw artime­p oore lectioneering­
onlys pent£ 3000a ndp oliciesw ered raftedi nah urry
WelfareS tate­b asedo nB everidgeR eportt oe liminate5
giants­w ant,d isease,i dleness,s qualor,i gnorance­
offered" protectionf romc radlet og rave"w ithn om eanst est
NationalI nsuranceA ct
IndustrialI njuriesA ct
EducationA ct­f reec ompulsorye ducation­t ripartites ystem
FamilyA llowancesA ct­5s hillingsaw eekf ore achc hild
aftert hef irst
"comprehensivea nda vailablet oe veryc itizen"," give
securityt oa llm emberso ft hemf amily"­A ttlee
"naturald evelopmentf romt hep ast"­B everidge­b uilto n
whatw asa lreadyt here­1 911N ationalI nsuranceA cto nlyf or
workerso nv eryl owi ncomes

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NHS­o ppositionf romB MA­f earedr educedp ay,l osso f
independence,d idn'tw antt ob em ereg vt" salariedc ivil
servants",s awi ta sn ationalisation,d islikedB evan's
character­o nly1 0%s upportedi tsi ntroduction­B evanh ad
tos tuff" theirm outhsw ithg old"­t herew erec ompromises­
privatep ractices/hospitalst oc ontinue,r eserved" payb eds"
forp rivatep atients
Oppositiond elayedi ntroductiont o1 948i nsteado f1 947
Problems­b ureaucracy," dandruffs yndrome",1 951
prescriptionc hargesl edB evana nds omeo therm inisterst o
reigno np rinciple
Significance­s olvedo no f5g iants,l argests inglee mployer…read more

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­l ate1 940ss aw1 4%G DPs pent
ond efence
Thisl edt oC rippsa doptingp olicyo fa usterity­r ationing
andt ighte conomicc ontrolst or educei nflation­b utj ust
ledt om ores hortagesa ndr ationing
Tot ryh elp,p oundd evaluedf rom$ 4.03t o$ 2.80­b utu pset
unionsw how erea skedt oi mposeaw agef reeze
ButB ritainr eceived$ 1.…read more

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Churchill,1 951-1955­t ooo lda ndf rail­m ainlya
figurehead­a bsentf orm onthsi n1 953d uet os troke­b ut
somek eye ventsa ndd evelopments
Rationinge nded
Steeld enationalised
Detonatedf irsta tomicb omb,1 952
QueenE lizabeth
Endo fK oreanw ar
Butskellism­B utlera ndG aitskell­K ennethM organs uggests
ite xisteda sa" stateo fm ind"
Butskellismb uilte conomicc onsensus­c ontinuedK eynesianism
byt ryingt om aintainf ulle mploymenta nda chieveg rowth,
maintainedd efencec ommitments,d evelopingn uclearw eapons
Eden­1 955-1957
Hadt ow aital ongt imef orC hurchi ll'sr etirement­p asth is…read more

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Britishp eople" neverh adi ts og ood"
Social­B utlerh adal iberala pproach­1 957H omicideA ct
effectivelye ndedd eathp enalty
Wages­a veragew eeklyw agei ncreasedb y£ 10b etween1 951a nd
1964­r isei nr ealw ages­b uym orec onsumerg oods
Credit­b etween1 950a nd1 965c ars alesw entf rom1 .5
milliont o5 .…read more

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Europe­1 963v etoedb yF rance­B ritainw antedt or etain
Commonwealtht iesa ndb ep arto fE EC­c oncernsa bout
Britain'se conomics ituation­D eG aulles awE ECa s
counterbalancet oU SAa ndd idn'tw antB ritishm embershipt o
underminet his­B ritaine conomicallyw eaka ndd iplomatically
Scandals­M acmillana ndt heT oriesw ered amagedb ys candals
­t heV assalla ffairo f1 963f oundac ivils ervanti nt he
admiraltys pyingf ort heU SSRa ndt heA rgyllc aseo f1 963
broughts hameo nt wom inisters­t heP rofumoa ffairo f1 963
wasm…read more

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publicperceptiono frisei nt axes
Wilsonc amet op owerw ithan ewp rogressivei magef orL abour
­t hisw asap ositivec omparisont ot he
huntin'-shootin'-fishin'a ristocraticD ouglas-Homew how as
outo ft ouch­W ilsonw asf romal essp rivilegedb ackground
andw asy ounger,s eena sm odernw ithh isp ipea ndo pennesst o
the" swingings ixties"
Labouri ncreasedt heirv otes hareb yo nly0 .…read more

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­a ngeredu nionsandL abourl efta ss aidi t
underminedp rinciples­p roblemasu nionsw erem ains ourceo f
Labourf unding­p roposalsn everpassedt hew hitep apers tage
EEC­r ejectedb yFrancea gain­" sickm anofEurope"­o pen
annoyanceo fo ther5m embers­h umiliation­demonstrated
economicf ailures
Social­m uchp assedb yR oyJ enkins­t olerant,
sophisticated,c ivilised
RaceR elationsA ct,1 965a nd1 968
AbortionA ct,1 967
SexualO ffencesA ct­1 967
CommonW ealthI mmigrationA ct,1 968­l imitso ni mmigration­
consensuso nn umberc ontrol
TheatreA ct,1 968
Abolitiono fd eathp enalty,1 969
DivorceR eformA ct,1 969
OpenU…read more

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Heath­w antedt ob reakw ithc onsensus­l essg vt
intervention,h andso ff­" Selsdonm an"­w antedt o" reduce
ther isei np rices,i ncreasep roductivitya ndr educe
unemployment"­" newr ight"­W ilsonc alledi t" uncaring"-
decidedt oa bandoni ncomesp olicya nda llowt hem arketf orces
too perate
IndustrialR elationsA ct,1 971­i ntroducedt hist om ake
employer/employeeb argainingf air­r estricteds triking
rights,s ets upN IRC,r equiredu nionst or egisterw ithg vt
Setu pD TI­J ohnD avies­d ecidedn ott oh elp" lamed ucks"
withp ublicm oney
Moren ewr ighte conomicp…read more

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­B ritains uffers
BloodyS unday­3 0th
January­r eligioust ensionsi nI reland
­13c ivilianskilledb yB ritisht roopsi nD erry,N orthern
EEC­s eena sH eath'so nlys uccess­j oined1 st
January1 973­
weakb argainingp osition
Advantages­a ccesst oE uropeanm arkets,f oreig nb usiness,
developmentg rants,r ightt ow orki no therE ECc ountries
Butd isadvantageso utweighedb enefits­u nablet ob uyc heap
foodf romC ommonwealth­C APa dded£ 1000t oa nn ualf oodb ill
­V ATi ncreasef rom8 %t o1 7.…read more



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