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1.Deepl ongt ermd ivisionsw hichw eres implyi mpossiblet o
mend.T herew asap rofoundd isparityo fw ealthw ith
latifundiar ifei nt hes outha ndaf eudala griculturals ystem
existed.F ori nstance,i nC ordoba3 %o ft hep opulationo wned
57%o ft hel and.E venl eftistr eforml awss ucha st he
AgrarianR eforml…

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coupt oo verthrowg vt.T houghu nsuccessfuli tr esultedi nt he
formationo fC EDA.M orei mportantw ast heA sturiasu prising
oneo fas erieso fs trikesp romptedb ye ntryi ntog vto f3
CEDAm embers.I tw asc rushedw ith4 000c asualtiesa ndp ushed
Caballeroi ntoam orer evolutionarys tance.A llt hese
outburstsh elpedt oc…

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4.Hew ash elpedb yt hei nitialf ailureo ft her ebelliona sif
ith adb eens uccessfult hem ostl ikelyr esultw ouldh avebeen
ther estorationo ft hem onarchy.T hew ara llowedh imt oprove
himselfa nde mergea sl eader.

5.Hisb ackerso rganisedam eetingn earS alamancaa ndw as
nominatedb yK indelán,Y aguea ndA strayt…

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Nationalistr epresentativesw how ouldr eporto na nyp ossible
resistancea ctivitya nda nyoner emotelyr elatedt o
Republicansw asp unished.F ori nstance,a6 0y earo ldw oman
wasf orcedt os weept hes treetsw earingas igns aying" Ia m
red"b ecauseh ers onh adb eenac ommunistp re-1939.T herew as
ar epressivei nformers ociety.E venH…

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turnc ouplesh avingaffairsintobrotherandsisterto
explainc loseness.

5.Propagandaw asa lsou sede xtensivelya ndp layedal argep art
inc ontrola ndm aintainingF ranco'sp owere speciallya fter
theu seo ft errors ubsided.P ropagandad epictedF rancoa sa
savioura ndh ep resentedh isr egimea sa" crusadea gainst
communism",w hicha ppealedt ot hec hurcha ndg ainedt heir

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selfs ufficienta ndr uleo uti mports.T hisw orkeda nd
Spaino wedo nly5 %o fi tG DPt ot rade.T hesee conomic
policiesw eres uccessfuli nt hatt heyp reventedw orker
uprisingt hrought hes yndicatesa nda lsok eptt heF alange
ons idea st heya pprovedo ft hesef ascistp olicies.
However,t heyw erea ctuallyad…

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reducedu nemploymenta ndn oww orkersc ouldb argainf or
betterw agesa ndc onditionsa st herew asas mallerl abour
market.T hiss ignalledam ajors uccessi ne conomicp olicy
asl ivings tandardsi ncreaseda ndS painw ass ignificantly
modernised,s hownb y8 9%o fp eopleh avingt elevisionsi n
1975a so pposedt o1 %i n1 960.


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neutralw hichw asf arm oreb eneficialt ot hec ountrya si t
providedac hancef orr econstructiona ftert hec ivilw ar.A s
well,a st hisi th elpedF rancot om aintains upportf roma ll
sides.A th omen eutralitys atisfiedb othM onarchists,w ho
wantedt os idew ithB ritain,a ndt heF alange,w how antedt o…

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retainingi tsz one.I nt hey earsthatf ollowed,al ongseries
ofc onflictsw ithM oroccom eantthatS painw asforcedto
relinquishm ucho fi tst erritoryint hea rea.

4.In1 962,S pain'sE ECa pplicationw asr ejecteda sS painw as
stillv ieweda sad ictatorship.A sar esult,M anuelF raga,
misterf ort ourism,i ntroducedan umbero fm easurest o
persuadet hei…

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lifestylesw erep romotedb ya dvertisingw hiche ndorsedp op
music,d rinkinga ndd ating.I nf act,b y1 971,8 2%o f
teenagerso wnedar adioa nd5 6%o wnedar ecordp layer.
Cigarettesb ecamep opularw ith5 3%o fa dultss mokingm ostly
American-stylec igarettesb y1 971.

3.Tourisma lsoi nfluenceds ocialp olicya nda ttitudesi nS pain.
Whent ourismf…


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