edexcel history spanish civil war notes

edexcel history spanish civil war notes

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1.Deepl ongt ermd ivisionsw hichw eres implyi mpossiblet o
mend.T herew asap rofoundd isparityo fw ealthw ith
latifundiar ifei nt hes outha ndaf eudala griculturals ystem
existed.F ori nstance,i nC ordoba3 %o ft hep opulationo wned
57%o ft hel and.E venl eftistr eforml awss ucha st he
AgrarianR eforml awa ndL andR eforml aww ereu nablet of ix
thep roblems.A zanat riedt ob anJ esuitsf romt eachingi n
schoolsa ndt riedt oc losed ownm ilitarya cademiesa ndr educe
thet op-heavingo fficerb asei nt hem ilitary.T hisw asa n
attemptt or educei nequalityb yt akingp owerf romt heé lites
buta st hed ivisionsw eret ood eep-rootedt hisd idn otw ork.
Governmentw asw eakeneda si tl ostc ruciala rmya ndc hurch
backinga nda lsop easants upportb ecauset heyw eref rustrated
byt hel acko fp rogress.R athert hana lleviatet hep roblem,
thes ituationw ase xacerbateda ndc ontributedt ot heb reak
outo ft hew ar.
2.Reforma ndr eactionp atternw asa notherc auseo ft hew ar.
Whent her ightw ingg vtt ooko fficei n1 933,t heyr eversed
Azana'sr eforms.C atalana utonomyw asi gnored,w agesw erec ut
ands trikersw erea rrested.T hisl edt ot hef ormationo ft he
PopularF rontw hichi nt urnr eversedw hatt hep reviousg vt
hadd one.T hisc ausedm orep oliticalp olarisation,b ringing
thet wos idesf urthera ndf urthera parts ucht hata nyh opeo f
peacefuln egotiationw asl ost.T hus,t heo nlyo thero ption
appearedt ob em ilitarya ction.
3.Anotherp roblemw ast hef actt hatS paind idn oth avea
historyo fas tabled emocracy.T herew aso ftenm ilitary
interventionl ikei n1 856a nd1 875.E vent hec onstitutional
monarchyo ft he2 0sh adb eenc orrupta ndh adu sedt hea rmyt o
putd ownar ebellioni nM oroccoi n1 921.T herew ast hent he7
yearm ilitaryd ictatorshipo fP rimod eR iveraa nds ow hen
democracyw ase stablishedt herew eren of irmf oundationsu pon
whichi tc ouldb eb ased.T hisc auseda nu nderlying
instability,w hichw asp erpetuallyw orsening.G vtc ouldn ot
functionp roperlya nds oc ivilw arb ecamei nevitable.
4.Therehadalsobeenas erieso fviolentoutburstsinthel ead
upt othewar.In1 932GeneralSanjuradaattemptedamilitary

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T houghu nsuccessfuli tr esultedi nt he
formationo fC EDA.M orei mportantw ast heA sturiasu prising
oneo fas erieso fs trikesp romptedb ye ntryi ntog vto f3
CEDAm embers.I tw asc rushedw ith4 000c asualtiesa ndp ushed
Caballeroi ntoam orer evolutionarys tance.A llt hese
outburstsh elpedt oc auset hew ara si tw aso nlyam attero f
timeu ntilt hesem inori ncidentst urnedi ntos omethingm ajor.
5.Thel eftw erenotp rudenti ntheira ctions.T heyi gnored
warningso fam ilitaryp lot.…read more

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Hew ash elpedb yt hei nitialf ailureo ft her ebelliona sif
ith adb eens uccessfult hem ostl ikelyr esultw ouldh avebeen
ther estorationo ft hem onarchy.T hew ara llowedh imt oprove
himselfa nde mergea sl eader.
5.Hisb ackerso rganisedam eetingn earS alamancaa ndw as
nominatedb yK indelán,Y aguea ndA strayt ob ec ommanderi n
chief.H et heno btainedp oliticalc ontroli nas econdm eeting
whereh eb ecameh eado fs tate.…read more

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Nationalistr epresentativesw how ouldr eporto na nyp ossible
resistancea ctivitya nda nyoner emotelyr elatedt o
Republicansw asp unished.F ori nstance,a6 0y earo ldw oman
wasf orcedt os weept hes treetsw earingas igns aying" Ia m
red"b ecauseh ers onh adb eenac ommunistp re-1939.T herew as
ar epressivei nformers ociety.E venH immlerw ass hockeda t
thel evelo fr epressionw henh ev isitedi n1 940.T hep ress
wasa lsor epressedw ithe xtremec ensorshipw itht heP ressL aw
in1 938.…read more

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Propagandaw asa lsou sede xtensivelya ndp layedal argep art
inc ontrola ndm aintainingF ranco'sp owere speciallya fter
theu seo ft errors ubsided.P ropagandad epictedF rancoa sa
savioura ndh ep resentedh isr egimea sa" crusadea gainst
communism",w hicha ppealedt ot hec hurcha ndg ainedt heir
support.C hurchs choolst aughtam oralc odet hats upported
gvtp olicya ndt herew erea lwayss hortn ewsreelsb eforef ilms
toc elebrateF ranco'sa chievementsa ndg lorifyt her egime.
6.Crucially,F rancoh adt hes upporto ft heé lites.…read more

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T hisw orkeda nd
Spaino wedo nly5 %o fi tG DPt ot rade.T hesee conomic
policiesw eres uccessfuli nt hatt heyp reventedw orker
uprisingt hrought hes yndicatesa nda lsok eptt heF alange
ons idea st heya pprovedo ft hesef ascistp olicies.
However,t heyw erea ctuallyad isasterf ort heS panish
economy.C orporatismf ailedt oi nspiree conomici nnovation
andl edt oad eclinei nl ivings tandards.…read more

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T hiss ignalledam ajors uccessi ne conomicp olicy
asl ivings tandardsi ncreaseda ndS painw ass ignificantly
modernised,s hownb y8 9%o fp eopleh avingt elevisionsi n
1975a so pposedt o1 %i n1 960.
4.Additionally,t hee xtram oneyl edt op ositives ocial
changes.B y1 9757 8%o fp eoplew orkedi ni ndustryo r
tourism,s howingh ows ocietyh adm oderniseda ndm orew as
beings pento ne ducationt hant hem ilitary.…read more

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A s
well,a st hisi th elpedF rancot om aintains upportf roma ll
sides.A th omen eutralitys atisfiedb othM onarchists,w ho
wantedt os idew ithB ritain,a ndt heF alange,w how antedt o
fighta longsidet heirf ellowf ascists.A sw ella st his,S pain
couldk eepG ermanyo ns ideb yu singi tsn eutralityt of avour
Hitler.…read more

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I nt hey earsthatf ollowed,al ongseries
ofc onflictsw ithM oroccom eantthatS painw asforcedto
relinquishm ucho fi tst erritoryint hea rea.
4.In1 962,S pain'sE ECa pplicationw asr ejecteda sS painw as
stillv ieweda sad ictatorship.A sar esult,M anuelF raga,
misterf ort ourism,i ntroducedan umbero fm easurest o
persuadet hei nternationalc ommunityt hatS painw asb ecoming
am orel iberalc ountry.H ei mplementedt he1 964L awo f
Associationsa llowingt hef ormationo fs mallg roupsa nda lso
the1 966P ressA ctw hichg rantedg reaterj ournalistic
freedom.…read more

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I nf act,b y1 971,8 2%o f
teenagerso wnedar adioa nd5 6%o wnedar ecordp layer.
Cigarettesb ecamep opularw ith5 3%o fa dultss mokingm ostly
American-stylec igarettesb y1 971.
3.Tourisma lsoi nfluenceds ocialp olicya nda ttitudesi nS pain.
Whent ourismf irsta rrivedi nS pain,m anyw eres hockedb yt he
revealingn atureo fb ikinisw ornb yw omen.S o,w hilstt hey
werep ermittedo nt heb each,t heyw ereb annede lsewherew ith
purposeb uilt" dressingh ouses"c onstructedb yt heg vtt o
ensurew omend ressedp roperlyu ponl eavingt heb each.…read more


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