How to answer AS Level Questions in OCR History - Question B - 70 Mark Question

Just a brief word powerpoint to help anyone who is struggling with answering the B questions (worth a whopping 70 marks!) in the AS level OCR history exams. Should be able to reference to any source-based question, not just the topic I'm studying.

However, if you want more revision notes on the topics I am studying [The lead up to the Civil War/American Foreign Policy in the Cold War] then feel free to look on my profile for more revision notes! 

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How to answer an AS Level OCR History
Question: Question B {70 Marks}
Group the sources into the categories you have chosen, e.g, whether you agree/disagree with
the statement/interpretation
Highlight key phrases as you'll be able to add your own knowledge the most easiest in these
Identify the source groups which follow different opinions of the statement/interpretation
E.g. "sources A and C both agree with the statement, whereas sources B and D...)
Sources that agree:
Analyse the sources which agree with the interpretation/statement
Cross reference by identifying similar quotes/ideas
Make sure to weave provenance into the answer rather than adding it at the end of the paragraph
(make sure not to have an entire paragraph just dedicated to the provenance!)
Sources that disagree:
Same as for sources that agreed, but using the other sources you have chosen
Make a judgement
Answer the question in regard to the sources
Make sure that you add bits of own knowledge throughout, however do not base your essay on
this. You are supposed to be writing about the sources. If you focus on your own knowledge the
best you could do is a C/B grade.


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