How To Write A History Essay (Paragraphs)

Here is a little something i wrote on how to write a history essay (paragraphs)

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How to write a History Essay in AS History:
Ok. So previously I got this wrong in my AS exam.
You're all thinking ­ "Oh gosh, I'm reading something by someone who failed their history exam!
Yes I did fail ­ but I aspire not to do that again since the minimum I can get to compensate for my
current offers is a B. But anyway ­ it helps me to be able to tell people what mistakes I made and
what to look out for in an exam.
First off how I failed is when I revised I DID NOT revise how to write a history essay at all. I merely
revised the information. So I know a hell of a lot. But in the exam I did not answer the question ­ I
spewed out all my knowledge. So I'm not only writing this for my benefit but for you all to not make
the same mistake!
Ok. So how do we do it right? What steps should we take? Here is a structure however I will tell you
during the course of writing the answer what questions we should ask ourselves to answer.
1. Look at the question.
2. Make a brief list on what to talk about
3. Make your point you want to make.
4. Provide your evidence (facts as well as a brief)
5. Explain your evidence and point, what does that mean?
6. Refer back to the question.
Sounds simple and basic but I didn't understand it ­ however now as time has gone by and I have
revised and revised how to write it.
First step, let's look at the question.
How successful was Tsar Nicholas II in dealing with the problems he faced between 1894 ­ 1905?
First we must ask ourselves what problems did he have? (2 Make a brief list)
Civil Unrest
Russo-Japanese War
Personality Weaknesses
Red marks out the problems in the list and Green marks the counter argument. These are also in
importance order of your essay ­ economy should be last as it counter argues.
Now we must make the point we want to make. In the exam we will have to be fluent and not spend
so much time ­ but planning a written essay for class is beneficial in this way.

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POINT: How successful was Tsar Nicholas II in dealing with the problem of.....?
Civil Unrest: Tsar Nicholas was not successful in dealing with the problem of Civil Unrest.
Russo-Japanese War: Tsar Nicholas was not successful in dealing with the problem of the
Russo-Japanese War.
Personality Weaknesses: " "
Opposition: " "
Economy: Tsar Nicholas was successful in dealing with the problem of the Russian Economy.…read more

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Now let's put that together with some connectives and see how it reads, I have colour coded each
section but have also provided a normal version so it's better to read!:
Tsar Nicholas was proven not successful in dealing with the greatest problem, Civil Unrest. An
example of where Tsar Nicholas' attempts to deal with Civil Unrest in Russia would be Bloody Sunday;
a peaceful protest lead by father Georgi Gapon in 1905.…read more



This is really useful, it's helped me a lot!

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