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By Shruti Satish
Topic 4 : Making a Living…read more

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I can define the four categories of employment and give examples of each
The primary industry is where people extract raw materials from the
land and sea
· Farming, fishing and mining are examples.
The secondary industry is where people are involved in manufacturing
and where raw materials are converted into a finished product
· House building, car making or steel processing are examples
Tertiary industries provide a service
· Distribution, retailing, financial services and nursing are examples
Quaternary industries provide information and expert help and they are
usually creative and knowledge based industries
· IT, biosciences and media are examples…read more

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I can describe what the Clark-Fisher model shows
China/ India
Kenya/ Nigeria
Gradually the tertiary
The primary sector becomes more
dominates in pre- important as there is
industrial times as the There is a growth of the
secondary industry to less manufacturing and
economy is primitive this is common in many
and people have jobs support the population
growth in demand for MEDCs
like mining and farming.
services like transport,
water and electricity.…read more

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I can explain why primary industries decrease with economic development
As the economy develops and incomes rise, less people will do menial
jobs such as in the primary sector and will want higher paying jobs in the
secondary sector which will be in demand as more people will want
manufactured goods.…read more

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I can explain why tertiary industries increase with economic development
As incomes continue to grow with economic development, people will start
to consume more services which means that the tertiary sector also
develops.…read more

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I can explain the factors required for quaternary industries to grow
For the quaternary industry to grow, it must first be supported by the
tertiary industry. It usually grows in high income countries.…read more

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