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What a watery
Case studies deciphered…read more

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important (B,C)
Geography =MUST be
mentioned (A*,A)
Geography = Normal
Geography= A question…read more

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Colorado River
A dispute over water transfer-a case study of the amazing Colorado river basin.
Why is the use of water a controversial issue on your chosen river?(6 marks)
Chosen river: Colorado river
The increasingly fierce competition for whatever little water there was remaining in
the Colorado basin has caused legal disputes over water transfer from the Colorado
river. It is 630,000km2 in area and has its source about 4000 m high in the rocky
mountains of Colorado. It flows south-west for 2300 km to the Gulf of California
in Mexico. The river actually through different parts of America like Wyoming,
Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and it also flows into Mexico. There
is many controversy about this river because of it's potential users. Firstly people
who live in the upper basin , like Wyoming for example .There's also those who
live in the lower part of the basin ,for example Arizona, whose population
increased by a massive 40% in the 1980s.Theres farmers who want it for irrigation
, the native Indian population who claim rights to the water and settlements that
NEED water to generate electricity by hydro-electric power. Finally the water is also
wanted by neighbouring settlements such as Las Vegas who have a HIGH demand
for water, but live in dry areas.…read more

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New Mexico
Colorado…read more

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Who are the potential users engaged in the conflict over water transfer in your
chosen river?
I live in
Wyoming and We want water as we're I live in Arizona and
I WANT in very dry areas but in 1980 our
WATER! have a high demand for population
water! increased by 40 % so
we need extra
Live in the upper Live in the lower
part of the river part of the river
basin. basin.
We claim our We need water
I want water to generate
rights for the
for irrigation! electricity my
hydro electric
Native Indian
Farmers Other settlements
population.…read more

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How is water being managed at your chosen river(6 marks)
Describe and explain the management scheme on your chosen river(6 marks)
What action has been taken to manage water resources on your chosen river?(6marks)
Chosen river: Colorado river
Water was managed in a number of ways at my chosen river. Firstly dams were
built to control river flooding. The Hoover dam completed in 1936 for Lake
Mead, the Parker dam for Lake Havasu and later the Davis, Imperial and Laguna
dams etc. Secondary water was used to generate hydro-electrical
power................................................................................................Also irrigation
was another way water was managed. Dams like Hoover and Davis are built to
pipe water to farmers in Wyoming. In 1980 the Central Arizona Project (CAP)is
passed, where water was piped to the Gila basin. The All-American canal ,
which runs near the Mexican border, takes water to California .Fourthly water
was used for an "urban water supply" .This is basically the CAP supplying water
to "urban" areas like Phoenix and Tucson. Lastly a percentage of water was
used for recreation. The lake Powell is used for boating and water sports and is
actually THE largest water recreation area in the south-west. The Hoover
dams' Lake Mead is also used for leisure, as is Parker dams' Lake Havasu.
Rafting and boating stretches over the whole river-including the Grand
Canyon!…read more

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