Geography Edexcel: Revision B1 Topic 6 Extreme Climates

Hiya, iv'e done another PowerPoint for topic 6 GCSE Geography!

I hope it is helpful and useful :)

Please comment below if i've made any mistakes or if there is anything else you want to say

Thanks :P

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PurpleJaguar…read more

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Topic 6
Extreme Climates…read more

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What makes a climate extreme?
· Dryness
· Aridity Warmer
· Very hot
· Hard to build a home
· Not much water
· No reliable food
· Infertile soil
· High temperature range in 24 hours (diurnal)…read more

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Short Case study- Sonoran Desert, USA
· It is has an extreme climate because it gets very hot in the
· Night time temps can be below 0 degrees Celsius.
· There is also only 200mm of rainfall a year.
· But when it does rain the sand cannot soak it up as it
evaporates almost straight away- evapotranspiration.
· Not many plants are able to survive, but the Saguaro Cactus
had to adapt, they are only found on lower grounds of the
desert, to collects as much moisture as it possibly needs.
· Creosote Bush and Ocotillo are also plants that
have had to adapt in their own way to survive.…read more

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Long Case Study- Australia
Rain bearing winds
blow from the Pacific to
Australia. As the air
descends from the
mountains a rain
shadow is created. This
results in low rainfall in
western areas.…read more

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Long Case Study- Australia
There are 3 main
ways plants have
adapted to the
avoidance…read more

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