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GCSE Geography-Edexcel B…read more

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Topic 1
Population Dynamics…read more

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Key Words
· Birth Rate the number of births per 1000 people in a year
· Death Rate the number of deaths per 1000 people in a year
· Migration people changing their place of residence, within or between countries
· Natural Increase the difference between birth and death rate
· Natural Change the change (increase or decrease) in population numbers, from the difference
between the birth and death rate
· Zero Population Growth when natural and migration change cancel each other out, no change
is the total population
· Infant Mortality Rate The number of deaths in children (under 11) per 1000 live births a year
· Population Structure the composition of a population, in terms of age or gender
· Population Pyramid the diagram way of showing the age and sex of a population
· Ageing Population a population with a rising average age
· Youthful Population a population with a high percentage/population of people under 16
· Replacement Level the level of fertility where women are only having enough children to replace
themselves and their parents in the population
· Tipping Point the point where the momentum of change becomes unstoppable
· Population Policies measures taken by the government to influence population size, growth,
distribution or composition
· Pro-Natalist Policies policies which encourage people to have more children
· Anti-Natalist Policies policies which encourage people to have fewer children…read more

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Demographic Transition Model
c h
a t ea
e ns
a p p
t h de l
h a m o
w w h e
k o
n e in t
d t o t ag
e e s
N…read more

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Population Pyramids…read more

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Examples of population structures
Japan ­ Ageing Population
· Birth rate is low
· Low death rate
· High life expectancy
· Developed country with people
moving their to life a civilised life
style in their old age
· People are living longer due to good
heath care
· As a result taxes need to increase to
pay for the services needed by the
ageing population
· Fewer workers in the economy
· Increase in high quality, reliable
health care…read more

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