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Restless Earth
Haiti 230,000 people died 1 million people were left homeless, 3million people were
Sichuan earthquake happened in 2008
70,000 people died altogether, 11,000 teachers and students died from falling buildings
Businesses and homes were destroyed leaving people homeless and little money to the
local economy…

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com together making the mountains When plates move past each
continuously grow. other. Earthquakes can happen

Convection Currents hot mantle rises up moves along cooling, and falls to be
reheated by the core.

Earth's core

The core is the densest part.
This is made up of iron. The

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Battle for the Biosphere

BIOME: Tropical Rainforest

Provide habitats for many animals
Maintains biodiversity
Helps regulate the hydrological cycle

Provides timber
Exotic fruits
Ingredients or products for medicines that help to fight cancer and Leukaemia

Cattle ranching
Hydrological Dams flood the forests and make the soil…

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Social Social
School children have to walk further Communities in Johannesburg were
to school because the area has been provided with safe drinking and cleaning water
flooded improving health and help stop water borne
Some people have had to move diseases.
which has disturbed their lives Environmental
Environmental Because water…

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94% of rainfall evaporates and the southern regions are experiencing the droughts and the
lowest rainfall on record. Provides 75% of Australia's water.

The whole basin is stressed but if you look at the lower end of the basin where the rivers
actually disgorge to the sea the situation there…

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However this has meant fishermen earn less.
It has been successful as diversity, number and sizes of fish have increased.

Firth of Clyde Here they have enforced notake zones on the coast due to overfishing.
For Against

Protects areas where there is Produces controversy between those
little fish who need…

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International Whaling Commission The purpose of the convention is to provide for the
proper conservation of whale stocks and make possible the orderly development of the
whaling industry.

+Increases the protection of whales which allows future species to thrive
Difficult to obtain specific data of various whale stocks from countries…

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Longshore drift this is the movement
of sediment along the coast via swash
and back wash.

Look at PDF file defences
How are stacks formed?
Stacks form when there is an area of weakness in the cliffs that can be attacked by the sea,
weakened further, and eroded away. The…

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Sea defencesHolderness coastline

Wooden Groynes in place at

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Spurns Head

Sea Walls
Hornsea, Bridlington
Spurns Head


Rip rap/boulders
Reculver (not on the Holderness coastline)

Climate change


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