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Edexcel GCSE RE Paper J
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Sacraments of initiation- Baptism
In A catholic infant ceremony- parents and
godparents promise to bring up the child in a
Christian way.
The priest baptises the child by pouring water
on its head (I baptise you in the name of the
father, son and the holy spirit)
Child is anointed with the oil of Chrism
Candle is lit and given to one of the members-
symbolises light of Christ
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Baptism-important because...
Children of Christians have to be treated like
It has been a practise for over 1700 years
Symbolises the Christian birth of the child,
gives the child a Christian name and sets the
child on a Christian path.
It brings parents to the church and helps them
bring their children up in the way promised at
the wedding
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Sacraments of initiation-
In Confirmation:
Young people prepared by classes to teach
them the meaning of confirmation
Those to be confirmed renew baptismal vows
Bishop prays for them, asking holy spirit to
guide them to a good Christian life
Each candidate comes forward and is anointed
with the oil of Chrism.
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Some churches....
Practise believers baptism- only baptising
because: baptism is a repentance of sin and
lead a new life in Jesus.
Only adults are recorded to be baptised in the
new testament.
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The Mass
The Penitential rite where the congregation
confess their sins and receive absolution
Liturgy of the word to learn more about faith,
prayers to help others
Liturgy of the Eucharist, which symbolises the
sacrifice of the mass in people's gifts of
Rite of communion, where peace is exchanged.
People receive consecrated hosts. Any remaining
places in tabernacle.
Concluding rite where the priest blesses the people
and sends them out.
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