GCSE Edexcel Religious Studies catholic christianity - religion and community cohesion

Revision notes for the Catholic christianity exam, hope it helps :)

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4.1 ­ How and why attitudes to men and women have changed in the UK Accepted view in 19th C: married women should stay at home and look after the children
How attitudes have
Late 19th, early 20th C: women began to campaign for equal rights
1928 Electoral Reform Act ­ gave equal voting rights to women and allowed women to stand as MP's
Equal Pay Act of the 1970 ­ required employers to give equal pay regardless of sex
Sex Discrimination Act 1975 ­ made it illegal to discriminate employment based on gender or marital
During the First and Second World Wars, women did men's jobs, proving they could also do them.
Why attitudes have changed
The development of equal rights for women in other countries made it difficult to c laim it wasn't needed
Women and men were equals as councillors and contributed to developments in health and social care
The suffragette movement showed men in authority that women were no longer prepared to be treated
as second class citizens
Social and industrial developments in the 50s and 60s led to the need for more women workers
The UN Declaration of Human Rights and the development of the Feminist Movement put forward a
case for equal rights that could not be contradicted
The Labour Governments of 1964-70 and 1974-79 passed the Equal Pay Act and Sex Discrimination Act
Attitudes to the roles of men and women have changed greatly. Women now have equal rights and men and
women are expected to share roles in the home. Attitudes have changed because of the Feminist
Movement, social and industrial changes and the effects of the World Wars.
4.2 ­ Different Christian attitudes to equal rights for women in religion
Teaches men and women should have equal roles in society. Women can be extraordinary ministers but
Catholic attitudes
only men can be priests. This is because of the special function of the priest representing Jesus at Mass
Genesis ­ God created men and women at the same time, so are equals.
Catechism ­men and women are equal. All of the apostles were men, and priests and bishops are
successors of the apostles. Jesus was a man and the priest represents Jesus at the Mass. All Catholics
should follow the catechism
Evangelical ­ men and women have separate and different roles so cannot have equal rights in
Traditional Protestant
religion. Women have to bring up children and run a Christian home. Only men can be leaders and
St Paul teaches that women should not teach or speak in church
Genesis ­ Adam was created first (given more rights) and eve was led astray by Satan first
Jesus only chose men as his twelve apostles
It is tradition that only men should have leadership rights in the church
Church of England, Methodist and Baptist ­ men and women should have equal rights. They have
Modern Protestant
women ministers and priests.
Genesis ­ man and women were created at the same time and of equal status, made in the image of God
Paul ­ in Christ there is neither male nor females, so they should have equal rights
Gospels ­ Jesus treated women as equals. He preached in the Court of Women in the Jerusalem Temple,
he treated a woman Samaritan as his equal, he had women disciples and they found him first
Some evidence of women priests in the early church
Catholics believe men and women should have equal rights, but only men can become priests because Jesus
was a man and the priest is representing him at mass
Traditional Protestants believe only men should be religious leaders because the bible teaches this
Liberal Protestants believe men and women have equal rights in religion because Jesus had women disciples

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­ The nature of the UK as a multi-ethnic society
The UK
The UK built up an empire around the world, the Commonwealth, and many people immigrated from it to the UK.
The extension of the EU has led to a large influx of Eastern Europeans and asylum seekers.
Racist people believe their ethnic group is superior to all others, therefore they believe other races are
Discrimination and racism
inferior. Racially prejudiced people believe that anyone who does not believe in their religion is wrong.…read more

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­ Why Catholic should help to promote racial harmony Parable of the Good Samaritan ­ Jesus taught that Christians should love their neighbours and that
neighbour means people of all races.…read more

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­ The UK as a multi-faith society Britain has laws encouraging religious freedom: non-conformists were given freedom of worship,
The UK as a multi-faith
and then given the same political rights as members of the Church of England. Roman Catholics were
also given the same political rights as Church of England and so were Jews.…read more

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­ Issues raised for religion by a multi-faith society Many see it as their right as:
They believe their own religion is the true one, believe everyone should go to heaven and that their holy
books teach them that they should convert non-believers.…read more

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­ How an issue from religion and community cohesion had been presented in one
Be able to say E.g.
Bend it like Beckham, the Vicar of Dibley etc.…read more


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