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4.1 ­ How and why attitudes to men and women have changed in the UK Accepted view in 19th C: married women should stay at home and look after the children

How attitudes have
Late 19th, early 20th C: women began to campaign for equal rights

1928 Electoral Reform…

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4-3 ­ The nature of the UK as a multi-ethnic society

The UK
The UK built up an empire around the world, the Commonwealth, and many people immigrated from it to the UK.
The extension of the EU has led to a large influx of Eastern Europeans and asylum seekers.…

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4.5 ­ Why Catholic should help to promote racial harmony Parable of the Good Samaritan ­ Jesus taught that Christians should love their neighbours and that
neighbour means people of all races. In the parable, Jesus taught that the Good Samaritan treated the
Catholics should try to promote it because:…

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4.7 ­ The UK as a multi-faith society Britain has laws encouraging religious freedom: non-conformists were given freedom of worship,

The UK as a multi-faith
and then given the same political rights as members of the Church of England. Roman Catholics were
also given the same political rights as Church…

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4.9 ­ Issues raised for religion by a multi-faith society Many see it as their right as:

They believe their own religion is the true one, believe everyone should go to heaven and that their holy
books teach them that they should convert non-believers.
This can cause problems as:…

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form of the media
4.11 ­ How an issue from religion and community cohesion had been presented in one

Be able to say E.g.
Bend it like Beckham, the Vicar of Dibley etc.

The issue is important
How it was presented
why: Whether the presentation was fair to religious beliefs…


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