Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Unit 1 - Believing in God

I have created revision cards with my notes to help you revise. Please do not rely on them however, You can use them to add to your own knowledge. 

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why a RELIGIOUS UPBRINGING leads to belief in God

• Taking children to Sunday school can teach children stories about Jesus & how to read the bible 
• Going to a place of worship with people who have the same faith leads to belief
• Teaching children how to pray leads to belief in God as they feel closer to him and see their parents praying 
• Religious schools as you learn about God and believe 
• Religious celebrations can reinforce God's existence such as Christmas 

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why a RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE leads to belief in God

• Prayers : An answered prayer leads to believe for example asking your sick mother to be healed
• Conversion : Changing from one religion to another due to a life changing experience eg In the bible Saul changed to Paul 
• Miracles : Something that cannot be explained, For example someone is cured from an incurable disease after they were prayed
• Numinous : A presence greater than yourself; eg: A feeling you feel if you are in a holy
• Near death experience : Seeing a bright light

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why the CAUSATION ARGUMENT leads to belief in God

• The belief that everything that begins has to have a cause
• The universe began to exist therefore it has a cause and that cause must be God as God is powerful therefore God exists.

• Weaknesses of the argument :
• If everything has a cause then God has a cause
• Maybe the universe doesn't need a creator 
• This doesn't prove the cause was God

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