GCSE Edexcel Religious Studies Marks Gospel - conflict and argument

The second unit of the Marks Gospel exam. Hope it helps :)

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The healing of the paralysed man Disagreements over the Sabbath
People went to see Jesus, so many that there was One Sabbath, Jesus and his disciple began to pick
no room left, and he preached the word to them. some ears of corn, unlawful on Sabbath at the time
Some men cam, carrying a paralysed man. There The Pharisees asked why he was doing this
wasn't any room to enter, so they lowered the Jesus referred to David. Eating holy bread in the
paralysed man through the roof. Temple was seen as a far worse religious offence
Jesus saw their faith and said the man's sins were than eating a few ears of corn in a field
forgiven ­ this challenged the authorities Jesus said God gave the Jews a day of rest to help,
(blasphemy) not to cause a problem for them
Jesus knew they were thinking this, so asked if it He linked himself to God and said his authority was
was easier to forgive sins or to heal the man greater than the Sabbath rules
Jesus said he was the Son of God with authority to On the Sabbath, Jesus entered the Temple where
forgive sins on earth. there was a man with shrivelled hand
The man was healed and this amazed everyone else Healing it would be forbidden, but Jesus told the
man to get up in front of everyone.
Jesus issued a challenging question, to save or end
Why does this cause conflict?
life ­ the correct answer would clear him of guilt.
The religious teachers had spent years studying the He healed the man's hand and the Pharisees began
Law, and from that they believed only God could to plot his death.
forgive sinners; no human had the right to claim
that sort of power
What is the significance of these stories for Christians'
If Jesus had only cured the man, the teachers
wouldn't have bothered too much, but Jesus' claim
to be able to forgive sins caused conflict. It is difficult to have a day of rest. Jesus is telling us
In Judaism only God has the right to forgive a that his way of life does not depend on following set
person's sins in the afterlife. rules. It is the people who matter and the loving
Jesus used the title `Son of Man' which believers intention behind an action is more important than
felt insulted God further. The title linked Jesus with strictly following the rules
God and claimed God's authority to forgive sins on Other Christians still believe in following the Ten
earth. Commandments and setting aside one day a week
To them, Jesus was committing blasphemy. to focus on God.
What is the significance of this story for Christians What problems does a `day of rest' cause for social and
today? community cohesion?
It reassures Christians today that sins can be The UK is a multicultural and multi-faith society, so if
forgiven if they have faith in Jesus. He is the Son of everyone insisted on having one day a week off
God, so had God's authority to forgive a person's school or work in order to worship, it would cause a
sins. Christians today: believe faith and confession lot of problems, especially if it did not coincide with
is necessary for forgiveness. In the Catholic Church, the Christian day
a priest has the power to grant God's forgiveness. Others say if a society has rules, it is important to
It also teaches that faith is an important part of keep them. What would happen to a community if
physical and spiritual healing. The man was healed everybody claimed the freedom to interpret the
as his friends had faith in Jesus' power. This may rules as they liked.
lead some Christians to pray for help when they are
sick. The Catholic Church has a sacrament of
anointing the sick, which grants God's forgiveness.

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Disagreements about the Law Jesus' predictions of his Passion
The Pharisees saw Jesus and his disciples eating Jesus said the Son of Man would have to suffer
with `unclean hands' and they asked them, why (unlike a messiah being a political leader), be killed
don't they do the ritual washing ceremony to and then would rise again 3 days later. Peter took
symbolize Jewish purification him aside and began to rebuke him.…read more

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Jesus' entry into Jerusalem Jesus cleanses the Temple
As they approached Jerusalem, Jesus said to two of Jesus entered the Temple and began driving out
his disciples to go to the next village and fetch a those who were selling and buying there
never ridden colt (donkey). They were told to untie Jesus became violent, overturning tables etc.…read more

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Who's authority? Paying taxes
The Temple authorities came to Jesus and asked "by The Pharisees and Herodians went to Jesus to catch
what authority are you doing these things?" and him out.
"who gave you the authority to do this?" They asked if it is right to pay taxes to Caesar
Jesus said he would tell them if they answered his Jesus knew what their intentions were
question about John's baptism.…read more

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Arguments about resurrection Generosity or extravagance
Jews were told that if a man dies without a son, his A woman came into Bethany carrying an alabaster
brother must marry that woman and produce a son jar of very expensive perfume. She broke the jar
The Sadducees reminded Jesus of this and and poured the perfume on Jesus' head.
described a ridiculous scenario.…read more

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The plot to kill Jesus Questions
The temple authorities were plotting a way to arrest b)
Jesus but quietly so as to avoid trouble
Judas went to them so he could betray Jesus. They
were delighted and promised to give him money.
Judas was one of the twelve so he was expected to
be loyal, making his actions seem even worse
Jesus knew what would happen and who would
cause it. They each asked if it was them.…read more


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