Edexcel AS Geography - Unit 1: Global Challenges - Topic 2: Going Global - Global Groupings

A detailed PowerPoint on the global groupings section of the specification (2), covering:

  • The economic and political groupings countries can be put into (e.g. LDCs, NICs, Ex-Soviet States - Middle-income Countries)
  • The voluntary groupings countries can be members of (e.g. OPEC and OECD)
  • The groups countries can join for mutual advantage (e.g. Trade Blocs - NAFTA)
  • The reason why there are inequalities in Wealth and Power between Countries
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Edexcel AS Geography (8GE01)
Unit 1: Topic 2 ­ Going Global
Chris Cartwright…read more

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Enquiry question: What are the main
groupings of nations and what differences in
levels of power and wealth exist?
According to the spec, students need to
The disparities in global wealth and poverty,
through broad economic and political groupings
of countries (e.g. NICs, OPEC, LEDCs, LDCs, OECD
and trade blocs like NAFTA).…read more

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Countries can be put into broad economic
and political groups because wealth and
power aren't shared out equally around the
These groups change over time as the wealth
and power of countries change
For example, most countries used to be classed
as either More or Less Economically Developed
It's now thought that this system is too simplistic
­ there are too many stages of economic
development to put all countries into only 2
categories.…read more

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Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are a group
of around 50 countries that are defined by
very low incomes, poor health, low
education, economic instability and their
heavy debt to richer countries, e.g.
Their economies are usually based on
agriculture, so crop failures can lead to
economic disaster
Countries are moved out of the LDC group
when conditions improve, e.g. Botswana…read more

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The majority of LDCs are located in the
African continent, with a few located in Asia
as well as Oceania, and only one in the
Americas (Haiti)…read more

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