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Global Challenges
World at Risk
1. Global Hazards
The Disaster risk Equation

Hazards x Vulnerability

Capacity to cope
A natural phenomenon is a natural event. A natural hazard is a natural
event with the potential to harm people or
property. A natural disaster is a natural event that has damaged…

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and 23 (at the tropics), this is
because the water temperature must exceed 26.5 C in order for them to form.
At this temperature the air is unstable and has the potential to rise.
(Exception: hurricanes not found off west coast of Africa, due to cold
Benguela ocean current.) Hurricanes…

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Inter tropical convergence zone (ITCZ). The ITCZ is formed by the convergence
of warm air at the surface, and characterised by a discontinuous area of low
pressure with associated thunderstorms. A hurricane is a spinning vortex of
rapidly rising air. This is due to the
coriolis effect, which is caused…

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than supply of economic goods due to a drought. Droughts can sometimes
lead to the secondary hazard of wildfires.
A flood is an overflow of water that submerges land that is normally not
covered by water.

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