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Diabetes is a major cause of premature illness and death through the increased risk of
cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes.

Cardiovascular disease is accountable for between 50% and 80%
of deaths in people with diabetes.

Diabetes is also a leading cause of blindness of blindness, amputation and kidney…

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Itching of genital organs or repeated bouts of thrush


Is also known as insulin dependent diabetes and is an autoimmune condition in which the
immune system of the body turns against itself.

As a result insulin producing cells of the pancreas are destroyed therefore insulin is

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Diet: Dietary guidelines for those suffering from diabetes are similar to those provided
for normal, healthy people


-Keep physically active

Physical activity, combined with healthy eating and any insulin or
diabetes medication that you might be taking, will help you to
manage your diabetes and prevent long-term diabetes

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If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, giving up smoking is one of the most positive
things you can do to both improve your health and reduce your risks of the long-term
complications associated with the condition


Starchy carbohydrates provide an important source of energy and fibre…

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Cooking and processing of food

Metabolism and time of day

Other nutrients

Implications for health:
Foods with a low GI factor could help to control hunger, appetite and blood sugar levels.

A higher intake of low rather than high GI foods results in slower absorption of sugar into
the bloodstream.…


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