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NSP- Non Starch Polysaccharides

NSP comes from cell walls which form the structural support of the plant from which the
food is originated.
Cell walls of plant cells consist of a rigid scaffolding of cellulose molecules embedded in a

NSP differ from starch because:
-They are not broken down…

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Flatulence and increased bowel movement may be caused

May fill toddlers easily= a less balanced diet


Faces are formed in the large intestine after the nutrients and some water has been
absorbed following digestion. The solid residues pass along the intestine by the process of
peristalsis which involves regular…

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Some of the following disease and disorders associated with a lack of fibre are shown

Where the faeces become very hard and pass more slowly through the intestine. A lot of
effort is needed to remove them.

-Diverticular disease
Due to the extra strain of the muscular walls.…


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