case study, Dubai oppertunites and reasons for growth on the coast

notes on the dubai case study

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Case study- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Population- 4.6 million
Life expectancy- 77
GDP- $16,564
HDI- 0.849
% living in a urban area- 78%
Mostly tertiary employment
Over 100,000 British settlers due to well paid jobs, opportunities in
oil/gas/tourism, tax free (no income or council tax)
Political reasons for growth
Very one sided planning laws in favour of large scale high cost development-
attractive for foreign investment
Tax free
Economic reasons for growth
Boom in property market encourages more investment in property.
Jobs generated by influx of construction workers in tertiary employment
as they need settlement/services.
Social reasons for growth
Fashionable place to be
`can do' attitude is attractive
Celebrity status attracts tourists
Physical/environmental reasons for growth
Climate- hot with regulation because of proximity to the sea.
Oil/gas reserves
Strategic location on the Eurasian continent
Low threat from climatic hazards such as hurricanes and flooding.


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