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Reasons why it has
What has been done
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UK ­ EU Immigration
· 7.5% of UK residence is foreign born
· London; 25% foreign born
· Immigration + 1.5million to the pop in the
last decade
· 2031 (if immigration stays this rate)
population will be 70million, 2081 will be
· 1.5% of working pop comes from the EU
· Largest % of non-UK working population is
from Africa
· Immigration from EU is in decline; -3%
economic crisis and weak £
· Biggest impact in rural areas; Lincolnshire;…read more

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China ­ Anti-Natal Policy
1960's pop 55m every 3 years
Great famine 20m died
Carrot Stick
Family planning advice given Permission from employer to
marry/have a baby
One child = free Men marry at 22, women at
healthcare/schooling/bonuses/u 20.
niversity places
Couples must sign agreement
to have one baby
Forced abortions
Fines…read more

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Advantages Disadvantages
Prevented 400m births 118:100 gender imbalance ­ 70m men
will be without wives
Fertility rate 5.7 to 1.8 Increase prostitution and STD's
Has allowed China to become a Infanticide ­ 750,000 girls unaccounted
formidable power ­ super power by for
Poor regulation and upkeep in rural
areas ­ only 20% U14 have no siblings
Little emperors/high suicide
Fines = 40% income over 7 years
1st LEDC to have an ageing pop side
effects?…read more

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