case study- dubai, united arab emirates, oppertunites and challenges

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Case study- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Political reasons for growth
One sided planning laws in favour of large scale, high cost development-
attractive for foreign investment
Tax free
Economic reasons for growth
Boom in property market encourages investment in property
Jobs created by influx of construction workers in tertiary
employment-multiplier effect
Social reasons for growth
Fashionable place to be
`can do' attitude is attractive
Celebrity status
Physical/environmental reasons for growth
Climate- hot with regulation due to proximity to the sea
Oil/gas reserves
Strategic location on Eurasian continent
Low threat from climatic hazards
Environmental issues
Sediment budget
Dredging for island construction and coastal defences affected sediment
Palm Jumeirah island has affected long shore drift, starving areas down
coast of sediment
Interrupted tidal movement has led to stagnant water.
Coastal habitat
Coral reefs damaged by pollution
Dredging devastated fish stocks that supported wild birds and local
Dubai's last turtle breeding site threatened
Water supply
Lack of water due to population growth

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Unsustainable use- manmade lakes, golf courses, constant irrigation to keep
gardens green.
Disposal of waste in Lorries. 2nd highest level of domestic waste per capita
after the USA.
Carbon footprint
CO2 per capita in United Arab Emirates is 44 times higher than India and
15 times higher than China.
Recent attempts to balance socio-economic and environmental needs in Dubai
Artificial coral reefs built- sustaining wildlife and attracts tourists such as
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) carried out before development of
Palm Jumeirah.…read more


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