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How can we reduce the development gap?
VERY RICH ST…read more

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One solution to the
development gap?
The People want
their money back!…read more

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· A Debt is an obligation that is owed by a debtor
to the creditor.
· A debt is created when a creditor agrees to lend
a sum of assets to a debtor.
· Debt is usually granted with expected repayment,
plus interest for the term the debt is taken.
Bailout Taxes
· E.g.
Debt Public
repayments spending…read more

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Why should we cancel debt?
Debt can create a negative multiplier effect (a poverty trap) and
if debt is not cancelled the cycle continues and grows.
Lack of investment
in industry or social Lack of
welfare. development.
Agreements Inability
High interest Forced to cut with to repay
rates still public IMF/World debt.
likely. spending. Bank.
Likely to fail. Enough time to kick Another
Left with start the economy and, loan to
twice as hopefully, make enough repay debt.
much debt. money to repay debt.…read more

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Advantages of cancelling Debt:
· Leaves more money to invest in social projects (health
and education) and infrastructure.
· Makes a country's economy more competitive.
· Improves potential for investment from other
countries and possibility of developing trade.
· Allows less emphasis on generating income from cash
crops or commodities for export, which in turn are
less likely to influence deforestation, land
degradation, production of greenhouse gasses and
other pollutants.
· Some developed countries accused of protecting their
own interests by setting conditions on debt
cancellation with particular countries.…read more

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