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How can trade reduce the development gap?
Developing countries world share of trade tripled from 12% in 1995 to 36% in 2006
Neo-literalists: believe that free trade will lift people out of poverty. Trade can help the
development of countries if they're able to export value added manufactured goods to…

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Now fair trade systems operate
Small scale producers group together to form a cooperative or other democratically run
association: with high social and environmental standards
Cooperatives deal directly with companies: Tesco & Sainsbury's / cutting out `middle men'
MEDC companies through customers pay over world market price for products traded:…

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Tourism can generate a multiplier effect = profits from tourism increase and become more
widespread, they begin to trickle down into the local economy.
vulnerable to factors such as downturns in the world economy, changing fashions in
destinations, terrorist incidents and disasters
can be so effective in regenerating an…

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involves ensuring such things as property rights, access to justice and labour rights, and
making it easier for people to start, own and pass on businesses. One important issue is to
ensure that women as well as men gain their rights.

South-South links
Idea of south-south cooperation stems from a…


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