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Black Power
Black Power included a number of different, loosely-defined ideas. These included:
Rejection of non-violence
MLK being regarded as the `tool of the white man'
White people not being wanted in the CRM.
Black Supremacy ­ the idea that African Americans should be in complete control of
their own…

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One of the things the Nations of Islam had given Malcolm X was personal control. He had
given up crime, tobacco, alcohol and sexual immorality.
The break-up that happened in 1964 had immense potential significance.
MLK was becoming more militant and more disillusioned with white attitudes, although still
remaining non-violent.…

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In 1968 the radical mood in the ghettos and on many student campuses gave the panthers
the favourable conditions they required for their policies. But their period of strength was
In 1969 came the backlash, when 27 Panthers were killed in shoot-outs with police.
Informers completed the downfall of…


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