Black Power Movement

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  • Black Power Movement
    • 1965 -Malcolm X assassinated
      • Malcolm was murdered in February 1965 by members of the NOI
    • 1965 - Watts Riots
      • Led to 34 deaths after police arrested an African American for drink driving
    • 1966 - March Against Fear - 'Black Power'
      • The division between the civil rights organisations was very clear, King admitted a total split was close
    • 1966 - Black Panthers formed
      • They helped young people find a sense of identity and rejected black nationalism
    • 1967 - Newark Riots
      • Triggered by a rumours of police brutality against a black taxi driver
    • 1967 - Detroit Riots
      • Police raid on an unlicensed bar led to a huge riot which lasted for five days and left 43 people dead


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