How did the Black Power Movement grow?

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How did the Black Power Movement grow?
Poor Housing/Education
Nation of Islam Malcolm X Civil Rights Act
SNCC radicalised
Black Power appeals to Ghettos
Problems in Ghettos
Civil rights movement had done little for life in ghettos
Very tough living conditions
Poor educations and fewer employment opportunities
Unemployment in Chicago's ghetto was between 50-70%
Mass riots throughout the 60's (1964-68 onwards) across American to do with the mass poverty in the US.
The NAACP campaigned for better education
SCLC went to Chicago in 1964 and led the Poor People Campaign of 1965
CORE set up freedom houses offering information and advice
National Urban League launched programme in 1968 for self help ideas
Others believed in pressuring federal government would achieve improvements
Many in ghetto's saw police as offensive and racist
How did Black Power become so popular?
Throughout the 20th century many African Americans became more aware of their rights, but were
not impressed by the non violent campaigns throughout the 60's.
As a result, many people began to turn to more violently direct forms of campaigning and
First real example of Black Power was the Meredith March (1966)

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Floyd Mckissick (CORE) ­ said Black Power meant `political power, economic power and a new self image
as a negro'.
Martin Luther King (SCLC) ­ described Black Power as `an attempt to develop black pride' as well as `we
must never be ashamed of being black'.
However, MLK and other were worried that `when you put Black and Power together, it sounds like you are
trying to say Black Domination'.…read more


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