The position of Black Americans in 1945

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  • Position of Black Americans in 1945
    • Attitudes in the South
      • 'Jim Crow' Laws
        • Series of laws passed by Southern states.
        • Introduced legal segregation by denying Black Americans access to facilities
      • Social segregation
        • Attitude of the mind which governed even smallest aspects of behaviour
      • Preventing Black Americans from voting
        • Southern states prevented Black Americans from voting
        • 'Grandfather clauses'
          • You could only vote if your grandfather had the vote
          • Literacy tests introudcued and applied them unfairly
      • The Ku Klux Klan
        • Targeted black people who showed signs of disrespect
        • Black people murdered, called 'Lynching'
          • Unlawful killings of blacks, usually by hanging
    • The position of Black Americans in 1945
      • Experience of Black soldiers
        • Black servicemen not treated well
        • Changed attitudes of many White soldiers
          • Dispelled the myth that they were in somehow inferior
      • Economic impact of WW2
        • Fair Employment Practices Committee (FEPC) 1941
          • Forced companies not to discriminate when hiring workers
      • Political changes
        • Migration to the North had important issues
          • Less than 2% of Black population could vote, increased to 15%
          • Reminded people fight for justice and freedom
        • Growing power was election of Adam Clayton Powell to Congress
          • Presidents appointed Blacks to more prominent positions


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