AS English tone and mood of poems

AS English tone and mood of poems

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Tone = speaker's attitude
admiring hilarious commanding abhorring hostile
adoring hopeful direct acerbic impatient
affectionate humorous impartial ambiguous incredulous
appreciative interested indirect ambivalent indifferent
approving introspective meditative angry indignant
bemused jovial objective annoyed inflammatory
benevolent joyful questioning antagonistic insecure
blithe laudatory speculative anxious insolent
calm light unambiguous apathetic irreverent
casual lively unconcerned apprehensive lethargic
celebratory mirthful understated belligerent melancholy
cheerful modest bewildered mischievous
comforting nostalgic biting miserable
comic optimistic bitter mocking
compassionate passionate blunt mournful
complimentary placid bossy nervous
conciliatory playful cold ominous
confident poignant conceited outraged
contented proud condescending paranoid
delightful reassuring confused pathetic
earnest reflective contemptuous patronising
ebullient relaxed curt pedantic
ecstatic respectful cynical pensive
effusive reverent demanding pessimistic
elated romantic depressed pretentious
empathetic sanguine derisive psychotic
encouraging scholarly derogatory resigned
euphoric selfassured desolate reticent
excited sentimental despairing sarcastic
exhilarated serene desperate sardonic
expectant silly detached scornful
facetious sprightly diabolic selfdeprecating
fervent straightforward disappointed selfish
flippant sympathetic disliking serious
forthright tender disrespectful severe
friendly tranquil doubtful sinister
funny whimsical embarrassed sceptical
gleeful wistful enraged sly
gushy worshipful evasive solemn
happy zealous fatalistic sombre
fearful stern
forceful stolid
foreboding stressful
frantic strident
frightened suspicious
frustrated tense
furious threatening
gloomy tragic
grave uncertain
greedy uneasy
grim unfriendly
harsh unsympathetic
haughty upset
holierthanthou violent
hopeless wry

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Mood = emotional effect that the text creates for the reader
amused jubilant aggravated insidious
awed liberating annoyed intimidated
bouncy lighthearted anxious irate
calm loving apathetic irritated
cheerful mellow apprehensive jealous
chipper nostalgic barren lethargic
confident optimistic brooding lonely
contemplative passionate cold melancholic
content peaceful confining merciless
determined playful confused moody
dignified pleased cranky morose
dreamy refreshed crushed nauseated
ecstatic rejuvenated cynical nervous
empowered relaxed depressed nightmarish
energetic relieved desolate numb
enlightened satiated disappointed overwhelmed
enthralled satisfied discontented painful…read more


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