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Text 3 The sweet menu
AS English Lang and lit aqa b food
glorious food
By thegirlwhoknewtoomuch…read more

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· Poem about a man who is eating at a restaurant and
there are references that he's unhappy and
suggesting that he's been stood up by his girlfriend…read more

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Semantic field of dance- lots of word referring to
dance such as "clap", "spin" and "pliés"
· Feeling that the man is lonely- repetition of
references to an empty chair such as "the other chair
is pulled back as if someone will come" and "facing me
is the chair"
· "there is water in the bottle but the flower is plastic"
suggests false hope and restaurants being artificial
and fake making him feel uncomfortable. Uses a co-
ordinating conjunction which links sentences with
opposite meanings.…read more

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"a lily" connotes sadness as lilies are associated with
funerals. The short sentence emphasises his sadness
and disappointment.…read more

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"everyone looks good in the light"- suggests he's upset
because everyone else is having a good time. Suggests
people in restaurants dress up and are on their best
behaviour when eating out to impress others and to
put on a show.
· "cold north wind" pathetic fallacy when weather is
used to create a mood
· "the woman looked after me" people are feeling sorry
for him which makes him embarrassed
· "I'd like to talk to someone" line is on its own and has
no punctuation emphasises his loneliness
· "I'd like" repeated twice to show he's jealous of those
around him…read more

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"I'd like to spend time choosing" he wanted to take
time choosing his order but he felt rushed so he
couldn't. He feels restaurants are rushed and too
organised to feel relaxing
· "it hasn't come too much" trip to the restaurant was a
fuss over nothing much he felt let down…read more

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