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Introduction Man with an evil spirit

1:1 1:21-28 They went to Capernaum; and when the sabbath came, he
The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. entered the synagogue and taught. They were astounded at his
teaching, for he taught them as one having authority,…

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take your mat and walk'? But so that you may know that the Son of Choosing the Twelve
Man has authority on earth to forgive sins" - he said to the paralytic
- "I say to you, stand up, take your mat and go to your home." And 3: 13-19…

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he said to them, "Do you not understand this parable? Then how they were able to hear it; he did not speak to them except in
will you understand all the parables? The sower sows the word. parables, but he explained everything in private to his disciples.
These are the…

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loudly. When he had entered, he said to them, "Why do you make a Mission of the Twelve
commotion and weep? The child is not dead but sleeping." And they
laughed at him. Then he put them all outside, and took the child's 6: 7-13 He called the twelve and…

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hundreds and of fifties. Taking the five loaves and the two fish, he Elijah; and still others, one of the prophets." He asked them, "But
looked up to heaven, and blessed and broke the loaves, and gave who do you say that I am?" Peter answered him, "You are the…

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them Elijah with Moses, who were talking with Jesus. Then Peter like a corpse, so that most of them said, "He is dead." But Jesus took
said to Jesus, "Rabbi, it is good for us to be here; let us make three him by the hand and lifted him up,…

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enter the kingdom of God! It is easier for a camel to go through the lord it over them, and their great ones are tyrants over them. But it
eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom is not so among you; but whoever…

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door, outside in the street. As they were untying it, some of the The Greatest Commandments
bystanders said to them, "What are you doing, untying the colt?"
They told them what Jesus had said; and they allowed them to take 12: 28-34 One of the scribes came near and heard…

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he sent two of his disciples, saying to them, "Go into the city, and a vehemently, "Even though I must die with you, I will not deny you."
man carrying a jar of water will meet you; follow him, and wherever And all of them said the same.
he enters,…

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know what to say to him. He came a third time and said to them, and did not answer. Again the high priest asked him, "Are you the
"Are you still sleeping and taking your rest? Enough! The hour has Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One?" Jesus said, "I…


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