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GCSE Religious Studies Workbook
AQA Specification A
Mark's Gospel


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AQA GCSE Religious Studies (Specification A) Revision Book

Section A: Introduction

A.1 Introduction

A.2 Authority


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AQA GCSE Religious Studies (Specification A) Revision Book

A.1 Introduction to Mark's Gospel

Mark did not sign his Gospel so there is no real way of knowing who wrote it. The earliest reference we have
to the authorship of Mark's Gospel comes from the Church historian Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea…

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AQA GCSE Religious Studies (Specification A) Revision Book

A.2 Understanding Mark as the Word of God

The word 'Gospel' comes from an Old English word 'godspel' which simply means 'Good News'. It is
often used to translate the Greek word 'evangelion' which literally means 'Good News'. It is from this…

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AQA GCSE Religious Studies (Specification A) Revision Book


1.1 What information about the authorship of Mark's Gospel do we get from Papias?
1.2 Why did Nero start persecuting the early Church?
1.3 What is 'oral' tradition'?
1.4 What probably prompted Mark to start writing his Gospel when he did?…

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AQA GCSE Religious Studies (Specification A) Revision Book

Section B: The Christian Community
B.1 Baptism

B.2 Faith and Prayer

B.3 Discipleship

B.4 Kingdom of God

B.5 Sabbath

B.6 Eucharist


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AQA GCSE Religious Studies (Specification A) Revision Book

B.1 Baptism

Jesus' Baptism (Mark 1:9-11)

Unlike Matthew and Luke, Mark has no stories of Jesus' birth. This is the first time that Jesus appears to
start his public ministry.

Three things take place which need to be noted and explained:


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AQA GCSE Religious Studies (Specification A) Revision Book

Baptism Today

Baptism still plays an important part in the life of the Christian Church today. Many see it as an important
step in becoming a Christian, part of the Church and, more importantly, a member of the kingdom of God.

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AQA GCSE Religious Studies (Specification A) Revision Book

B.2 Faith and Prayer

Jairus' Daughter (Mark: 5:21-24, 35-43)

We are told that Jairus was an official of the local synagogue. Jesus had quickly began to get a reputation
not only as a miracle worker but also as a preacher who was…

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AQA GCSE Religious Studies (Specification A) Revision Book

The Epileptic Boy (Mark: 9:14-29)

Jesus returned with Peter, James and John after his Transfiguration and rejoined the other disciples. Prior
to this event Jesus had sent the disciples off on their own (Mark 6:7-13). On their return they had told


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