AQA Religious Studies A - Christian Ethics. Complete Revision

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The Right to Life
Bible teachings
·`'You shall not murder''
·`'You shall love your neighbour as yourself''
·`'If you want to enter eternal life, keep the commandments''
·''Before I was born the Lord called me''
·''Before you were born I set you apart''
·''Your eyes saw my unformed body''
·''There is no God besides me, I put to death and I bring life''
Abortion ­ the deliberate termination of a pregnancy, usually before 24 weeks.
Pro-choice arguments Pro-life arguments
Women can choose what happens to their body Every human being has the right to life
Unsafe abortions - without legalised abortions there would Life is sacred
be a rise in `backstreet abortions'
Incapable mother A human is created from conception
Mothers health - mothers life prioritised No `line' you can draw, such as 24 weeks
Compassionate killing ­ disabled embryo's The embryo can feel pain during abortion and suffers
Single mothers/financial difficulties. Abortion isn't pain free, mother may experience emotional
difficulties after.
Free will Why kill an innocent being for the sake of others actions?
Alternatives to abortion
-Financial and social support from the church community
-The church can give counselling
-Accepting single mothers into church life
-Offering fostering and provision temporarily
-Adoption in extreme cases
Euthanasia ­ Inducing a painless death, with compassion, to ease suffering. Some see it as a mercy killing whilst others
see it as taking of a life.
The UK LAW allows ­ strong painkillers, even if they end life sooner. And withdrawing medical treatment if they judge recovery
is not possible.
-Voluntary euthanasia ­ when a terminally ill person asks a doctor or a fiend to help them die peacefully. Can be known as
`assisted suicide'
Christian Responses ­ Christians are against taking a life, but Jesus came to heal the sick. Many Christians accept that
suffering is being a part of Christ.

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Involuntary Euthanasia ­ when a person's wishes cannot be given, e.g. being in a coma. Someone else needs to decide to end
their life.
Christian responses ­ Some Christians argue that removing water/food is the same as killing. It also may kill people against
their will. Some believe that when a person is brain dead, it is more compassionate to allow the family to begin their
grieving process and remove them from a life support machine.…read more

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The use of medical technology
·''Be fruitful and increase in number''
·''Children are a reward from him''
·''Go forth and multiply''
·''Everything is permissible, but not everything is constructive''
· Abraham and Sarah and Hagar
AI ­ artificial insemination.…read more

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Church of England teaches it is helping a loving, married couple to have children. However it is wrong with donor sperm.
-`correcting nature'
AID is moral
-Can be used in certain circumstances E.g. due to genetic diseases
-A parent may want a child biologically related rather than adopted.
IVF ­ A scientific method of making a woman pregnant, which does not involve sex. Conception occurs in a test tube.
For Against
Couples have the right to try for children.…read more

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Designer babies
For Against
Morally acceptable when it comes to making the baby Maybe involve selection of embryos which have the `right'
healthy features. Some may be destroyed
Some people cannot have children without one dying after The test itself could damage the foetus
another due to illness. Christians would support a technique
which enabled children to grow full term, and allow their
parents to watch them grow up.…read more

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Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman.…read more

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Analgesics ­ Painkillers. E.g. Heroin. Can give a sense of Hallucinogens- e.g. cannabis and LSD. May distort
`warmth' and happiness. perceptions.
Christian beliefs about drug use
-Alcohol ­ Eucharistic wine. Methodist churches use non-alcoholic. Pentecost church believes wine must be avoided
for fear of sinning.
Members of the Salvation army promise not to use alcohol for full membership. Others may consume it in
moderation.…read more

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Social Responsibility
·They should love each other as `'Christ loves the church''
·''The wife's body does not belong to her alone, but also to her husband''
·''The two will become one flesh''
·''Honour your father and your mother''
·''Show respect for the elderly''
·''Listen to your father, and do not despise your mother''
·''You are all one in Christ''
·Parable of the good Samaritan
Marriage - A legal union between a man and a woman
Christian views on marriage
-Lifelong, faithful love
-Support and comfort…read more

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Joyful and sharing
-Church of England = `'marriage provides the proper context for sexual relationships and the upbringing of children...around
which other relationships grow''
Civil Marriage ­ a short ceremony in a registry office or an approved building. Must be two witnesses who sign the register
saying `I do solemnly declare that I know not of any unlawful impediment why I...must not be joined in holy matrimony to...'
Marriage ceremony
Everyone Will Discuss Very Easy Parties Before Revising Stuff
1.…read more

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Some marriages may be annulled in Not all priests are happy with accepting Christians should reflect the
circumstance. E.G. Forced marriage, divorces, provisions are made forgiveness of God
lack of love.
A minister may be unwilling, but
provisions are made.
Prejudice ­ Unfairly judging someone before the facts are known. Holding biased opinions against an individual group.
Discrimination ­ To act against someone on the basis of race, gender, colour, religion etc.
Reasons for prejudice and discrimination
-Inequality.…read more



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