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Transnational Corporations
A transnational corporation is a company that operates in at least two different countries.

TNCs are the driving force behind economic globalisation and tend to be involved in a web
of collaborative relationships with other companies across the globe.

The significance of TNCs:

They control and coordinate economic…

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Pharmaceutical Transnational's
Pharmaceutical company's research, develop, produce and distribute drugs to treat disease.

They affect world health because they choose which drugs to develop and what prices to

Research and production

There's more money in wealthier countries so pharmaceutical companies often choose to
research and produce drugs for diseases…

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Branded Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceuticals can be sold under two broad categories: generic or branded.

Branded medicines are more expensive than generic counterparts. However, the generic
name of the drug is its chemical description. This means that the generic drugs are
chemically identical to their brand-named equivalents.

The generic name for a…

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Tobacco Transnational's
About a third of the world's population over the age of 15 smokes.

Although wealthier countries are starting to smoke less, it's becoming a huge problem
elsewhere ­ 80% of smokers live in poorer countries.

Almost four million people die each year from tobacco related illnesses, such as…

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The Global Clamp Down on Smoking
Smoking bans in the USA are being adopted by individual city and state authorities

- California introduced a ban on smoking in public buildings in 1993.
Smoking is also banned in bars, restaurants, beaches and enclosed workplaces
- New York banned smoking in…

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The Smoking Epidemic in England
The highest rates of smoking in England were among men aged 25-34, where
prevalence was estimated at 40%

There were large spatial variations in smoking across England, as rates varied
between 20% and 40%

It was estimated that between 1998 and 2002, an annual average…

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British American Tobacco
British American Tobacco is the second largest tobacco company in the world ­ employing
over 60 000 people.

In 2009, it had a turnover of more than £40 billion, generating profits of £4 billion.

BAT sells tobacco brands in more than 180 countries.

It is the market…


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