AQA A2 Cognitive Development

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Development of Child's Understanding of Others (including perspective taking)
The idea that knowledge about the self and knowledge (understanding of) others are related is
supported by Bischof-Kohler (1988). In what way did they find empathetic understanding of
others? What did they conclude?
Harris (1989) : children become aware of their own mind which they can generalise to others.
What view did Piaget take on taking the view of another person when
he investigated children's egocentrism?
Theory of Mind (ToM) is About Understanding
other People's Minds
We are able to undertake very complex interactions with
other people and it is theorised that this is because we

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For example:
One woman in this clip recognises that the other prefers healthy food whilst she much prefers unhealthy food.
SELMAN (1980) investigated children's perspective-taking by analysing their responses to stories presenting
dilemmas.…read more

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Answers become more and more sophisticated until at the third-party stage children answer that it is important to save the
kitten but also realise that there was a promise made not to climb trees. Therefore Holly must get her father to understand that
she needed to climb the tree. Both the perspective of Holly and the perspective of the father are now considered at the same
time.…read more

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