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By Samm Thomson…read more

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· A serious mental disorder characterised by
severe disruptions in psychological functioning
and a loss of contact with reality.
· Risk of being diagnosed is 1%.
· Usually occurs between the ages of 15 and 45
· Usually occurs in males 5 years earlier than in
females…read more

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· Chronic onset: insidious change in a young
person who gradually loses drive and
motivation ­ after a while, obvious signs of
delusions appear
· Acute onset: obvious signs appear quite
suddenly, usually after a stressful event. The
individual shows very disturbed behaviour
within a few days.…read more

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DSM & ICD classification systems
· DSM requires symptoms for six months, ICD only
for one month.
· ICD places more emphasis on first-rank symptoms.
· DSM is multi-axial.
Wrongful diagnosis;
Janet frame was awkward and introverted. Said
to be suffering from incurable schizophrenia, spent 8
years in an institution and subjected to
psychosurgery even though she didn't actually have
schizophrenia.…read more

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Types of schizophrenia
· Paranoid: delusions and/or hallucinations.
Negative symptoms are less apparent.
· Hebephrenic (disorganised): behaviour is
aimless and speech is incoherent. There is
marked flattening (showing little emotion).
· Catatonic: motor abnormality. Often show
negativism where they resist all instructions to
move their limbs.…read more

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Types of schizophrenia
· Undifferentiated: people who don't fit into
another subtype neatly.
· Post-schizophrenic depression (not in DSM): no
symptoms present but they have been in the past
year. They suffer severe depression.
· Residual: many negative symptoms in the past
· Simple (not in DSM): slow but progressive
development of social withdrawal, apathy,
poverty of speech and decline in performance.…read more

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