against regeration of ipswich

against regeration of ipswich

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Jim Harris
783 Azure Avenue
The News Today
693 Oxford Street
Saturday 15th January 2011
Dear Editor
I am concerned about the plans to regenerate Ipswich town centre. This will not boost the
town's economy as people will still shop in superstores outside of town for an easier and
quicker shop. It would be a waste of time, resources and money.
On the other hand the building on the surrounding Greenfield sites would increase the
economy of Ipswich. A regenerated town centre would not be sustainable as there would
not be enough business and it would be vandalised and destroyed by weather etc in a short
amount of time.
If there is a store or complex on a Greenfield site there would be lot of business as there is a
high demand for larger superstores in Ipswich. There would also have to be larger roads to
accommodate trucks and lorries this would help to stop traffic congestion.
Thank you for your time. I hope you will consider my views.
Yours faithfully.
Jim Harris
Interested Resident
James Harrison Geography

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