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Building a settlement for the future ­ Adastral park development
The Adastral Park development is a new site with 2,000 new houses. It is situated in
the Martlesham area of Ipswich. It is on the area of land next to the BT tower. This is an
iconic landmark of Ipswich and shows signs of wealth around the houses and local area. The
area of land is also next to a business park which has many successful stores. Jonathan
Waters, Play 2 Day, Kingpin, Pedal Power and many other small businesses have units there.
Adastral Park is a fantastic place to live and work.
The new development will include a new cinema complex, hotel, restaurants, schools,
convenience shops, supermarkets, a small selection of retail shops and parks. There will also
be a church in the centre of the community. This will hopefully allow many different people
to live in Adastral Park. We emphasise that this is a family friendly town.
Energy supplies
There are many different types of energy that will be supplied in a sustainable way.
On the east of the town there is a reservoir that will create hydro-electric energy. This will be
free energy for the population of the town to use. On the west side of the town there is a
wind turbine that will supply hydro-electric energy to all the houses and all the facilities. They
will all be built to last for the future. All the houses that have been built with the correct
style of roof have been fitted with solar panels to allow energy from the sun to be used as
power for the home. These can also be used for the energy supplier to buy energy from you
if it was not needed or used.
There are 2000 new job opportunities in the town. They include those in public and
private sectors. We will need 150 teachers for the two primary schools and the high school.
At the medical walk-in centre, we will recruit for 10 experienced doctors and 10 nurses to
deal with the injuries and accidents of Adastral Park. These workers will need to be 100%
committed to working in the town.
Adastral Park has many facilities and amenities that are part of a private sector. There
will be 4 new restaurants, a cinema, hotel, supermarkets and shops. These altogether will
create about 500 new jobs. As the reservoir needs to be built and maintained, and the wind
turbine needs to be working when it can, water engineers and engineers will be needed to

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and maintenance personnel are needed to maintain the parks and outside spaces.
The town may have a few `home-grown' businesses to add to the increasing number
of jobs available. These may include: builders, decorators, plumbers etc. The hope is that the
unemployment levels in the town are very low so that the area has more money spent on it
by the owners of the houses to make it look a better place.…read more

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With the shops and the other services, there will be plenty of
places for the people to go to. With other towns of this size, I think that the facilities are
Problems and benefits
The town will have many great aspects that will push the town up. As it is a new build
area, the houses many not all be needed at this moment. This could cause the housing
market to decrease in price meaning that the town is worth less.…read more

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The sustainably for the future generations is very important. Many houses that were
built in the early 1900's are now starting to crumble. We do not want this with these
houses. There are new ways to help the environment. These include new technology, (solar
panels etc). New bicycle routes have been made so that biking to school or work is easier
and you don't need to worry about driving on potentially busy roads. We could use other
technology in the future to better the sustainability.…read more


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