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Building a settlement for the future ­ Adastral park development

The Adastral Park development is a new site with 2,000 new houses. It is situated in
the Martlesham area of Ipswich. It is on the area of land next to the BT tower. This is an
iconic landmark of Ipswich…

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make sure it runs smoothly and that it keeps working under pressure of the town. Cleaners
and maintenance personnel are needed to maintain the parks and outside spaces.

The town may have a few `home-grown' businesses to add to the increasing number
of jobs available. These may include: builders, decorators,…

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the parks for entertainment. With the shops and the other services, there will be plenty of
places for the people to go to. With other towns of this size, I think that the facilities are

Problems and benefits
The town will have many great aspects that will push the…

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The sustainably for the future generations is very important. Many houses that were
built in the early 1900's are now starting to crumble. We do not want this with these
houses. There are new ways to help the environment. These include new technology, (solar
panels etc). New bicycle routes have…


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