Urban Zones

Urban models and brieef description of each zone

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Urban Morphology
Geographers have tries to explain the pattern of city growth
using models. It's very unlikely that all cities exactly fit the
model, but models do help us explain why a town or city
grows ina particular way. Each town or city is different,
growing in it's own distinctive pattern but all have similar
Burgess suggested that cities grew outwards from the
original site therefore the youngest properties are on the
outskirts. The original site tends to be where the CBD is today.
He also found that generally land cost the most in the CBD
therefore only high profit making businesses could afford to
be located there.
The Hoyt model uses sectors rather than just concentric rings,
as he suggested that transport routes heavily affected where
industry is developed as they
need it for low transport costs
Central Business District (CBD)
The centre of the city where the settlement was originally sited. Characteristics include:
· High density of buildings
· Offices
· Transport Stations
· Nodal Points
· Historic Buildings
· Museums
· Shops-Department, Specialist, selling high order goods
· Congestion
· Banks
· University
· Little residential land use
· Tall Buildings
· High land cost
· Constantly Changing
Inner City Zone
The inner city zone grew during the industrial revolution; therefore you would find old
terraced housing and old industry in this area. Many of these inner city areas have been

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Characteristics of this area include:
Undeveloped Areas Developed Areas
19th Century Very dated design
Narrow Streets High density of residents
No car parking Indoor toilets, running water, central heating
Chimneys Corridors bred crime
Identical housing Harder access
High Density housing Concrete so cold and damp
Likely to be rented Broke down community spirit
Takeaways Fire risks
Corner Shops More open Space
No front garden Good parking facilities
Few rooms Noise from all directions
Quick to build
In the suburbs land is much cheaper therefore…read more

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Rural-Urban Fringe
In the rural urban fringe different land uses can be found.…read more


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