Geography fieldwork


Place is defined as a location with meaning. This meaning could be defined through personal experience or a place might have wider social or cultural meaning.

Location - An actual description of where it is e.g. latitude and longitude, postcode, grid reference.

Locale - A place viewed in relation to a particular event or characteristic.

Sense of place - Lived experience, representation and perception ofa place.

Perception - How it is seen 

Representation - How it is presented


- Etwall

- Postcode 

- Grid reference 

- lat long 


- Large 

- Crowded 

- Educational 

- busy 

Stratified sampling - Dividing onto categories 

Random sampling - Every single person or part has an equal chance of being picked

Systematic sampling - Use a pattern and say measure every 10m 

Circular transect - Drawing a circle on a map and following that circle.

Convenience sampling - Ask people when convient for them or you.

Urban drifting - Following instructions until you have found representations.

Identify an approach method for displaying that data. Explain one strength and one weakness of this method (4) 

We used a wordle to display our data, this is a good method because it is easy to read and compare that data because you can physically see the words against each other and shows quanititive data. A weakness of the method is that it cannot show the amount and the numbers of data which means it is not as precised to read, because it does not show quantitive data in numbers.

Shaping places - Regenerating places 

To what extent has the Ipswich waterfront regeneration processes been successful?

Regeneration - Long term improvement of a place in terms of its residential, retail, industrial or commercial infracstructure, economic viability and social wellbeing or identity.

Regeneration - redevelopment ,renewal ,rebranding 

Was there a need for regeneration in Ipswich ?

looking for inequalities

Social- unemployment, deserted, run down, increased crime

Economic - lack of confidence, stagnated, lack of shops and services

Environmental - derelict, diused docks 


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