Case Study on High Tech Industry: Cambridge Science Park, UK

Information on:

  • Cambridge Science Park: Why is it a desireable place to start business?
  • What positive impacts does it have on the area?
  • What negative impacts it has on the area?
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Cambridge Science Park: Why is it a desireable pla

Think about:

1. Location?

2. Local Services?

3. Other Cities?

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Cambridge Science Park: Why is it a desireable pla

Cambridge Science Park is attractive to prospective businesses for several reasons:

1. Close to Cambridge University (Trinity College set it up). Mutually beneficial link: Cambridge University gets laboratory space, the science park gets future employees.

2. Links to London via the M11 (links onto M25). Allows for easy access to administrative and financial centre of the country.

3. Easy access to two airports: Cambridge and London Stanstead. Has easy access to raw materials and foreign expertise from abroad.

4. Simple vehicular access to key administrative centres in the region (Cambridge, Ipswich, Norwich and Chelmsford) allows easier distribution of finished goods.

5. Vehicular access to ports (Harwich and Felixstowe) allow easier distribution of goods and receipt of raw materials.

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