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Will the regeneration of Ipswich Waterfront be a benefit or
a drawback to the area?
Ipswich Waterfront is currently being transformed from warehouses and factories into living
accommodation and retail outlets. Ipswich was a thriving traditional dock in the 19th century.
It was the largest enclosed dock in the United…

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This picture shows a fire within a factory in 2008. This was caused by vandalism and it
shows how important it is to change the area. By updating a rundown area, it can make
someone's perception of the area better.

I think that the regeneration will benefit the area because…

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of the sand and dirt being mixed around. Overall, I think that this was worth doing to
upgrade the area around the docks.

The pictures below show before and after picture of the Waterfront. I think this show
a massive investment that has paid off to update the Waterfront and…

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These maps show where the area around the Waterfront is being developed:


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